Scabal Fabrics – Exclusive Wool from the Iconic Manufacturer

Scabal is a legendary manufacturer of premium wool fabrics based in Brussels, Belgium. For over 75 years, it has been producing high quality suiting fabrics in a variety of weights, colors and designs to satisfy every client’s needs. Scabal cloth is what a bespoke suit starts with. From successful businessmen and politicians to Hollywood actors, their fabrics and apparel are worn all over the world.

Founded in 1938 by Otto Hertz, Scabal is still a family business. The company creates fabric collections rather than separate cloths. Each collection has a catching name that renders the spirit of the fabrics it consists of. From wearable Super 100’s to exclusive Super 250’s, from pure worsted wool to silk and cashmere blends, the offer is more than comprehensive.

Scabal wool fabric

Scabal Wool Suiting Fabrics

To weave a fine cloth, one needs to find the best raw material available and spin it into premium yarn. It all starts with proper sourcing, and Scabal knows it well. The company gets high quality merino wool from heritage family farms in Australia and makes sure it’s up to par before sending it to their production facilities.

All the wool suiting fabrics available for sale are woven in Yorkshire, at Scabal’s Huddersfield Mill. The region’s microclimate and unique Pennine water made it the home of the fine worsted weaving in the 16 th century. The area’s soft water turned out to be perfect for washing raw wool.

Each Scabal wool fabric carries the name of the company, the collection and the Super number on the woven selvedge, so it’s easy to ‘navigate’ in their collections. Most suiting fabrics offered by this company are made of worsted wool, but you can also find other fibers, such as:

  1. silk;
  2. linen;
  3. cashmere;
  4. mohair;
  5. vicuna, etc.

Scabal suits have been featured in a number of Hollywood films, such as The Godfather, Casino, Wall Street and Titanic.

Twice a year, Scabal launches up to fifteen brand new collections, offering new qualities and designs to their customers. Plus, they keep producing their regular bestselling bunches and special editions. Every year Scabal weaves around 350,000 metres of fabric – a respectable number for a smallish business with 600 employees. They also create about 85,000 suits per year, both made-to-measure and ready-to-wear.

Scabal Wool Fabric Collections

Scabal experiments with fashion and technology to create fabrics unsurpassable in terms of design and quality. With over 5,000 cloths in their collection, everybody is bound to find just what they are looking for. Expect to see all sorts of weave, colors and patterns, from pure classics to modern and extravagant ones.

Scabal offers thousands of options: from plain blacks, greys and blues to delicate or more prominent stripes, from elegant herringbones to sophisticated checks. You can also choose between 100% worsted wool and various blends, e.g. wool mixed with silk, cashmere, linen, vicuna and much more.

Scabal specializes in fine worsteds with the ‘S’ value. In fact, they were the first to break the Super 100’s barrier back in 1974. The Super number shows how thin the wool fibers are. Super 250’s is the pinnacle of luxury, since the diameter of the fiber is 11.25 micron only. Such fabrics are delicate and luxurious, and they have greater drapability compared to lower S’. However, lower Super‘s have higher crease resistance and tend to be more durable.Scabal diamond chip wool fabric collection

If you’re looking for some general recommendations, remember the following: Super 100-120’s are ideal for everyday wear, Super 140-160’s are meant for suits to be worn from time to time, while higher Super’s are generally used for special occasion jackets and trousers.

We’ve decided to break down the universe of Scabal fabrics and make a table of some of their most popular bunches. Use it as a guiding light to find your way around their heritage. The collections are arranged from lower to higher Super numbers.

Table 1. Scabal wool fabric collections




Super 100’s


Worsted wool

New Deluxe

Worsted wool


Worsted wool

Super 110’s


Worsted wool

Super 120’s


Worsted wool

Silver Cloud

Worsted wool


Worsted wool


Worsted wool

Triple A

Worsted wool & cashmere


Worsted wool


Worsted wool

Super 130’s

St Tropez

Worsted wool

Linen, worsted wool & silk (jackets)


Worsted wool


Worsted wool


Worsted wool

Super 140’s


Worsted wool


Worsted wool & cashmere

Super 150’s


Worsted wool


Worsted wool


Silk & worsted wool

Jet Set

Worsted wool

Toison d’Or

Worsted wool


Worsted wool & silk

Super 180’s


Worsted wool & cashmere


Silk & worsted wool

This list is not exhaustive, of course, there are many more bunches worth paying attention to: Cortina, Fidelio, Classics, Finest Jacketings and so on. One of the brightest collections developed by Scabal is called Capri, and it includes lightweight fabrics perfect for summer blazers. The Capri Cool Wool edition incorporates lime greens, pinks, bright orange, lilac, etc, and can be used both for men’s and women’s apparel.

There’s one more collection everybody should know about – Dali. It was created in collaboration with Salvador Dali who, back in 1971, drew a series of paintings to present his vision on men’s fashion in the 21 st century. The first bunch was launched in 2000: the combination of dark backgrounds and multicolored stripes is definitely a novelty!

What Are the Exclusive Wool Fabrics by Scabal?

Scabal has always been known as an innovator. Along with classic fabric collections perfect for everyday suits, they also design superfine worsteds and use a creative approach to composition. We’ve gathered some of the most luxurious selections Scabal is renowned for. These are Special Editions made with precious fibers and cutting-edge technologies.

1. Summit

The Summit Edition is the ultimate luxury in the world of fine worsteds. These ultrafine fabrics are woven with Super 250’s wool and have an unparalleled lustre. A special paper pressing ensures excellent drape and easy tailoring.

2. Sunrise

The Sunrise collection features suiting fabrics made of equal amounts of Super 200’s worsted wool and silk. Exceptionally fine and lightweight, they are decadently soft to the touch and have an elegant sheen.

3. The Star

This exclusive bunch consists of suiting fabrics woven with Super 200’s worsted wool and vicuna. Often referred to as “Fiber of the Gods”, vicuna is one of the most precious and finest types of wool known to man. The Star fabric is soft, lightweight and fine.

4. Lapis Lazuli

This exclusive suiting collection combines Super 150’s worsted wool with cashmere and tiny particles of lapis lazuli. Myriads of fragments of this rare mineral are blended into the fabric to enrich the color and give it a subtle lustre. The selection includes fabrics in various shades of blue.

Scabal lapis lazuli wool fabric

5. Treasure Box

These luxurious suiting fabrics are made of Super 150’s worsted wool interwoven with platinum and 24-carat gold threads. Available in dark blue, anthracite and black, they come in a classic stripe design and have a glimmering sheen.

6. Orchid

This scented collection incorporates fabrics made with Super 150’s worsted wool. They are infused with the essence of orchid, which gives it a subtle fragrance that remains even after dry cleaning. Surprisingly, it also makes the fabric more durable and resilient.

7. Diamond Chip

The Diamond Chip Edition includes lightweight fabrics made of Super 150’s merino wool and silk. Tiny particles of precious diamonds converted into threads lend a luxurious glow to their surface. This collection comes in two qualities: suiting fabrics and jacketing fabrics.

8. Expression

This special edition presents fabrics made with Super 200’s merino wool blended with vicuna and chinchilla fibers. They have a traditional “London Shrink” finish and are beautifully lustrous. The Expression bunch is very soft and luxurious.

Could silk keep you warm in winter? Yes, it can! Scabal has launched the Ultra Silk Siberia collection which consists of fabrics made with winter silk. It looks and feels like cashmere because it is finished the way cashmere and flannel are. Winter silk is warm and shiny, and it makes one-of-a-kind jackets and coats. Scabal offers it in 7 solid colors.

Scabal Suit Fabrics

Scabal has been supplying luxury wool fabrics all over the world. But would the story of their success be complete without tailoring services? Hardly ever. No wonder, the company is also famous for their bespoke and custom suits made by hand.

The process of getting a new worsted wool suit goes like this: you handpick the fabric out of their enormous collection, decide upon the silhouette and the details, select buttons and linings – and voila, a made-to-measure suit is tailored to your needs.

Given the range of Scabal fabrics, every gentleman will find exactly what he’s looking for. The company offers fabric editions for:

  • everyday suits;
  • formal wear;
  • weddings suits;
  • summer blazers, etc.

If you need a winter suit, choose heavy, thicker fabrics. You might try pure merino wool, wool and cashmere, mohair. Tweeds fabrics, for instance, have always been praised for their ability to warm on a cold day. Scabal designs a wide range of winter-perfect fabrics, including rare fiber overcoatings made with 50% chinchilla and 50% cashmere. The company sources cashmere from Mongolia and China.

If you’re planning to make a spring/summer suit, consider fine worsted wool. Your options include lighter blends such as wool and silk, wool and linen, etc. Turn your gaze to special summer collections of Scabal suit fabrics: St Tropez (available in two qualities – for suits and for blazers), Amalfi and Pure Linen. They are lightweight and breathable, and the color palette is just what you need for a sunny season. Another good choice would be the avant-garde Rhapsody bunch which consists of 100% superfine wool in bold colors and patterns.

Next time you find yourself in London, be sure to visit their legendary shop at Savile Row, 12, where every gentleman can select the fabric and have his bespoke suit made for him. Until then, you can browse our selection of Scabal fabrics online and choose what fits you most. They are tested for quality and supplied directly by Scabal.

What Are the Top Suiting Fabric Manufacturers at Tissura?

Scabal supplies fabrics internationally to tailors from over 65 countries. Founded almost a century ago, the company has been creating premium cloths that never compromise on quality. If you can’t find what you need across Scabal range, check out the following high-ranked manufacturers:

  1. Dormeuil (France);
  2. Holland & Sherry (Great Britain);
  3. Loro Piana (Italy);
  4. Ermenegildo Zegna (Italy);
  5. Luigi Colombo (Italy).

These companies source raw materials worldwide, paying utmost attention to quality and taking into account customers’ preferences. Expect to find light-, mid- and heavyweight fabrics in solids, tone-on-tone, checks, stripes, herringbones and much more. Just like Scabal, many of their fabrics have a woven selvedge with the name of the manufacturer and the collection, and some of the bunches are highly innovative.

Scabal Fabrics at Tissura

At Tissura online fabric shop, you can find numerous collections of premium wool fabrics by Scabal. The suiting assortment comprises both Scabal wool fabrics that have already become a true legend, and the ultramodern designs of upcoming fashion seasons. The table below displays some of the most luxurious wool fabrics by this Belgian manufacturer:

scabal wool fabric

Orchid scented wool fabric, 605 € (748 US$) per one running metre;

gold scabal fabric

Gold & worsted wool Scabal fabric, 870 € (1,076 US$) per one running metre;

Scabal fabric

Lapis lazuli wool & cashmere, 495 € (612 US$) per one running metre;

Scabal wool fabric

Scabal wool fabric, 350 € (433 US$) per one running metre

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