Sheer Fabric Knowledge

Sheer fabric is any type of fabric that is see-through, or transparent. Unlike opaque materials, sheer cloth does not hide your body from view. It offers little protection against cold which makes it an extremely popular choice for women’s summer clothing, underwear and lingerie.

Sheer fabrics can be purely natural, like silk or cotton, or synthetic, like rayon or nylon. Lightweight, they are easily combined with opaque fabrics giving you hundreds of ideas for stylish outfits. Let’s talk about the most popular types of skin-revealing materials you can find online.

Sheer fabrics

Sheer Fabrics Types

Translucent fabrics come in different weights and degrees of sheerness. The table below shows the most typical sheer materials used for clothing:

Table 1. Sheer fabric types, fibres and properties






Silk, polyester, nylon

10-40 g/m2

Airy, crisp, stiff, smooth, very prone to wrinkling


Cotton, nylon

40-100 g/m2

Firm, stiff, very prone to wrinkling


Silk, polyester

20-40 g/m2

Soft, flowy, drapable


Silk, polyester

40-60 g/m2

Grainy, dull, durable, billowing drape


Cotton, silk, wool, polyester

30-80 g/m2

Loosely woven, thin, durable, stiff


Cotton, linen, silk, polyester, rayon

50-70 g/m2

Soft, free-flowing, delicate


Cotton, hemp, polyester

70-200 g/m2

Soft, thin, flexible drape


Silk, cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester

50-200 g/m2

Soft, smooth, flowing, drapable

Tulle and net

Silk, cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester, nylon

20-100 g/m2

Soft and silky, can be flowy or stiff

Perforated and eyelet fabrics

Silk, cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester, nylon

50-200 g/m2

Soft and silky, can be flowy or stiff

We turn to see-through fabrics when we want to spice up our style or add some playfulness to our wardrobe choices. Lightweight silk, linen and cotton fabrics are a pleasure to have against one’s skin, especially when the weather is getting warmer. Natural fibers are usually more expensive than synthetics, but they have a lot of advantages, too! E.g., sheer cotton fabric like voile or batiste is highly breathable and absorbent – is there anything else to dream about in summer?

The most obvious use for airy fabrics is tights and stockings. Women have been wearing them since the 1920s. Sheer materials are also used for dancewear and lingerie. These days, you see them everywhere: in office blouses and summer skirts, in wedding gowns and beachwear. They are often layered for a visually stunning effect.

White fabrics tend to be translucent even if they are not very lightweight. Check yourself in the full-length mirror when putting on white linen trousers or a cotton poplin shirt – chances are they are a bit see-through.

Sewing with Sheer Fabrics

Handling delicate fabrics requires patience. They tend to bunch up and shift during sewing, presenting quite a challenge even for an experienced seamstress. But you can still find joy in sewing sheer materials if you follow these simple recommendations:

  1. Wise with the design.

Any seam, dart or hem will be visible in transparent fabrics. To keep it all to a minimum, choose a pattern with a few details.

  1. Cut with ease.

If you’re working with a slippery fabric like chiffon, tulle, silk lace or organza, try placing it between two layers of tissue paper and secure either with pins or pattern weights.

  1. Test your sewing machine.

Make sure the needle and the thread you’re using are right for the fabric. Stitch a sample first. This way, you’ll be able to accommodate your sewing tools without superfluous risk. Always use sharp fine needles.

  1. Stabilize the slippery fabric.

Keep your shifty fabric in place by pinning a piece of tissue paper to it. When the seam is ready, you can easily remove the stabilizing layer with your hands.

  1. Use suitable closures.

Sheer fabrics are usually very lightweight, and this fact dictates your closure choices. Opt for featherweight zippers, small buttons and tiny hooks. To make buttonholes, strengthen sheer fabric with a bit of fusible interlining.

How to Wear Sheer Fabrics

Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of sheer from time to time. The key here is to keep it all balanced. It’s ok to say ’yes’ to transparency but remember to show your most flattering areas and cover the ones that are not your favourites.

Sheer fabric

Here are some ways to wear the sheer trend:

  • Sheer all-over

If you are a confident lady, go 100% sheer! Create translucent dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits with featherweight chiffon and organza fabric. Such clothing is ideal for hot summer days, and it allows you to show your beautiful figure to the fullest. Plus, sheer fabrics are perfect for lingerie, slips, beachwear and pareos.

  • One sheer item in an ensemble

Combine various garments in one outfit to play it safe. A sheer chiffon blouse looks fabulous with an opaque skirt or pants. Turn your gaze to perforated fabrics to add some ginger to your look: use eyelet cotton voile or organdie for a summer-perfect skirt or pinafore.

  • Sheer panels

For a peekaboo effect, add sheer insets into your garments. Think translucent panels and bands, sleeves, shoulders, trims, etc. Make your dress or skirt longer with a piece of sheer fabric – and skip tights altogether!

  • Sheer overlays

Layers of lightweight silk will add a playful note to your look. Sheer cover-ups make even the most teasing items perfectly wearable – like crop tops. If you’re not ready to fully embrace the trend, you can add a couple of layers of tulle, organza or chiffon to your opaque skirt for an airy feel.

A great way to wear sheer fabrics while keeping one’s modesty is to choose embroidered or perforated designs. They will provide greater opacity. You can also use several layers of sheer printed fabric – the effect will be the same!

Spring/Summer 2018 Sheer Trend

The revealing trend is one of the hottest this year. From Giambattista Valli and Preen to Missoni and Simone Rocha, almost every designer has shown some skin in 2018. Wear sheer fabrics like a true fashionista in the form of:

  • Diaphanous dresses
  • Wispy blouses
  • Tulle skirts
  • Airy pants
  • Transparent coats, parkas and trenches

sheer fabric

Most fashion houses opt for extra coverage, combining sheer pieces with opaque ones. Victoria Beckham, for instance, presented see-through pencil skirts paired with long shirts, while Tom Ford teamed translucent fabrics with knickers. Sheer outerwear is also a hit, considering how many designers appealed to the theme. And the good thing about organza parkas and rain-repelling plastic coats is that they do not hide your outfit from view!

White sheer fabric is ideal for a summer wedding dress. Consider lightweight Chantilly lace, tulle or silk organza – these are just unsurpassable.

Sheer Fabric Collection

Stay on trend with the best quality see-through fabrics from a plethora of European manufacturers! Keep your eyes open for such brands as:

  • Belinac, Taroni (France) – sheer silk fabrics in solid colors
  • Binda, Etro (Italy) – sheer printed fabrics in silk, cotton and linen
  • Carnet, Ruffo Coli, Luigi Verga (Italy) – sheer dress fabrics in 100% silk
  • Hausammann (Switzerland) – sheer cotton organdie and batiste
  • Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland) – exclusive prints on silk chiffon and organza
  • Marco Lagattolla (Italy), Sophie Hallette (France), Solstiss (France) – silk Chantilly lace, sheer lace

Why should you buy sheer fabrics at Tissura store? We always have regular collections of all the types of see-through textiles described above, many of which have been created on our special request. Moreover, Tissura attends the world's biggest and most renowned fashion exhibition Premiere Vision, where we thoroughly select only the most exquisite designs. We ship worldwide and deliver directly to your door. Finally, Tissura is always ready to meet any of your fashion ideas, as our collection of sheer fabrics includes hundreds of exclusive textiles of different types.

Sheer fabric

Silk georgette fabric, 88 US$ (71 €) per one running metre;

Sheer fabric

Ombre silk chiffon fabric, 117 US$ (95 €) per one running metre;

Sheer fabric

Silk georgette fabric, 129 US$ (105 €) per one running metre;

Sheer fabric

Flocked tulle fabric, 40 US$ (32 €) per one running metre.

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