Solstiss Lace Fabrics

Solstiss is a lace weaving company based in France. Founded in 1974, it united four different lacemakers under one brand. Today, Solstiss lace fabrics are the go-to option when you are searching for high quality tasteful textiles, whether you’re looking for delicate Chantilly lace for your bridal gown or some heavily decorated lace for an evening outfit.

In 2011 Solstiss was declared a ‘Living Heritage Company’. They have taken the art of Leavers lace to an entirely new level, inspiring the most famous fashion houses and celebrities with their designs. In fact, it was Solstiss who created lace patterns first for Grace Kelly’s, and later for Kate Middleton’s wedding gowns.

Solstiss lace bridal dress

Lace Fabric Collection by Solstiss

In the course of over 40 years, Solstiss has produced thousands of lace designs and colors. Every year they launch two new collections of fashion lace fabrics both in classic and trendy colorways. Below is the range of fabrics you can find at Solstiss:

  • Chantilly lace

    The most delicate type of lace fabrics ever created. It is usually sheer or semi-sheer and has an outstanding flowing drape. Chantilly laces are often designed with a complex floral pattern, but you can also see modern geometry and various compilations.

  • Guipure lace

    One of the heaviest types of lace, guipure embroidery consists of textured elements connected with fine braids. Such lace has more body, and it is often layered over solid fabrics for a stunning visual effect. Solstiss offers both floral and geometric patterns.

  • Bourdon lace

    Also known as corded lace, this fabric is usually designed in a floral or geometric pattern which is outlined by cording for greater depth and texture. Cords differ in thickness, and thicker threads make the pattern more raised and substantial.

  • Metallic lace

    Metallic laces are woven with metallic threads: golden, silver or copper. They resemble Chantilly lace fabrics, but have more sheen and reflect the light beautifully. Ideal for red carpet looks and special occasions.

  • Embellished lace

    For the most demanding, Solstiss creates lace materials with lots of decorative elements: beading, scatterings of sequins, satin stitch embroidery, feathers, ribbons, appliques and much more. Their selection of embellished laces includes high fashion and exclusive designs, some of which you might have seen on the runways.

Bridal Lace Selection

Which fabric would you use to make a one-of-a-kind wedding dress? Would you go with pure silk or cotton? Would you choose lustrous satin, sheer chiffon or drapable crepe? Whatever fabric you end up choosing, your bridal gown will be a real show stopper if you add some French lace to it.

Solstiss is a creator of wonderful wedding lace fabrics. From featherweight Chantilly lace to embroidered masterpieces, this company is in constant search of new ideas.

Take Kate Middleton’s dress, for instance. It was made with around 2,000 lace patterns supplied by three lace companies: Solstiss, Sophie Hallette and Cluny Lace. The hand-cut lace pieces were applied to the lace and tulle of the gown. The royal wedding dress combined both white and ivory fabric, and the skirt and 9-feet long train were all about the Solstiss lace.

If you are the one getting ready for the big event, make sure you browse through the selection of bridal laces offered by Solstiss. Some of those heart-stopping fabrics include:

  • sequined and beaded corded lace;
  • floral guipure lace;
  • organza ribboned Chantilly lace;
  • floral corded lace;
  • cotton lace;
  • embroidered tulle, etc.

Plus, Solstiss offers a stunning selection of lace trims, decollete embellishments and motifs that could make any wedding dress so much better! Their laces are also a wonderful choice for bridal lingerie, veils, capes, garters, gloves and other wedding accessories.

wedding lace from Solstiss

Exclusive Lace Fabrics by Solstiss

Another reason we love Solstiss for is the abundance of unique laces they produce year after year, never compromising on quality. The company anticipates fashion trends and incorporates them into their chef d’oeuvres to surprise us over and over again. The color palette is no less amazing: rich hues for the brave ones, pastel tints for the tender, black-and-white for graphic addicts. Their lace fabrics are often hand decorated with beads, sequins, crystals and Swarovski rhinestones, as well as intricate embroidery including the one made with metallic thread.

Exclusive lace fabric is a treasure. It is perfect in every way: from the base to the décor, from the color gamut to the pattern. It can be compared to rare masterpieces kept in world’s best museums behind the glass. Once you’ve laid your eyes on it, you can’t stop looking.

Solstiss has created many of such chef d’oeuvres. Imagine what it’s like wearing one of these:

  • corded lace embroidered with glass beads and feathers;
  • beaded lace decorated with multicolor satin stitch embroidery;
  • sequined lace adorned with flower-shaped appliques;
  • Chantilly lace strewn with tiny sequins and embroidered with silky threads;
  • eyelash scalloped lace with rows of crystals and shaped paillettes;
  • corded lace with beadwork and 3D flowers.

These haute couture fabrics make the most gorgeous dresses one can think of. No wonder, the world’s fashion designers often choose Solstiss laces to create their evening gown collections. You can also spot a lot of celebrities wearing Solstiss to the award ceremonies and gala events. What makes us especially happy is the way they interpret these laces, turning them into one-shoulder jumpsuits, pencil skirts and peplums. After all, who says lace is reserved for dresses only?

What to Make with Solstiss Lace?

The Solstiss Fall/Winter ’17-’18 edition is full of metallics, as well as animal and plant-based designs. On the contrary, the Spring/Summer ’18 collection is all about light and air, with lots of wavy motifs in vibrant colors. Bear this in mind when creating your next lace outfit, which might as well be one of these:

  1. Lace dress.

    Choose black floral Chantilly lace for that timeless look, or opt for tempting red to underline that demonic side of yours you’ve been hiding. Do you prefer pastel tints? Solstiss offers hundreds of baby blue, pale pink, light yellow, mint green and turquoise lace fabrics, both in floral and geometric motifs.

  2. Lace skirt.

    Combine the Solstiss lace fabric of your choice with some solid silk fabric, such as taffeta, satin or crepe. This way, you’ll make the lace pattern really stand out and help it drape the way you want it to. Use Solstiss lace trim to draw attention to the hem or accentuate the waist. Love pockets? Finish them with lace trims as well!

  3. Lace-covered skirt suit.

    A nod to the catwalks, lace-covered suits are so sophisticated and smart. Some lace for the hem, some lace for the peplum, a tiny bit for pockets and lapels, and you are the queen of the office! Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors, e.g. some red lace fabric on the black base. Fashion designers are all for it!

  4. Lace lingerie.

    That’s a classic, right! Can you get anymore flirtier than wearing lace underwear? Chantilly lace is ideal for these kinds of projects, because it is weightless and has a flowing drape. You don’t need heavy fabrics for such delicate garments, unless it’s a piece of beautiful guipure trim you use for finishing.

  5. Lace-covered jacket.

    Jazz up your favourite jacket or create a brand new one with Solstiss lace! All you need is sew lace patterns onto it, or decorate some areas such as pockets or back yoke. Let your imagination run wild, and don’t forget about lace trims – they are as perfect for upgrading your look as any lace fabric. And we are talking not only about denim jackets, but also gilets, waistcoats and all kinds of outerwear!

  6. Lace blouse.

    Lace blouses are ideal for those days you want to look special. Go with an ‘all-lace’ option to show your most feminine side, or use lace for details, such as sleeves, yokes, collars and cuffs. Why? Read below!

  7. Lace sleeves.

    These could turn your everyday dress, shirt or blouse into a whole different piece. Lace sleeves add charm and a touch of fragility to your look. Feel free to use any type of lace, from sheer Chantilly to textured guipure or corded lace.

  8. Lace insets.

    Not ready to go all the way with lace? Then don’t! The good thing about this kind of material is that you don’t need to limit yourself to it. Add one lace detail to an outfit and enjoy the attention! Here are some lovely ideas: try a lace back on your blouse or dress for a peekaboo effect, use lace insertions in the shoulder area or along the sides, or surprise them all with a lace peplum.

solstiss lace dress

Who Are the Top Lace Manufacturers from Europe at Tissura?

European lace fabrics are excellent materials in terms of quality and design. France, Italy and Switzerland have always been famous for their high quality fabrics, and lace might be considered the epitome of textile production. It is also one of the most sought-after fabrics for evening wear and bridal dress projects.

Which lace producers can you rely on when choosing your perfect material? Keep your eyes open for the following names:

Table 1. European lace manufacturers specialisations






Chantilly, guipure, corded and embroidered lace

Sophie Hallette


Chantilly, guipure, cotton, corded and embellished lace

Riechers Marescot


Chantilly, guipure, cotton, corded, embroidered lace

Lyon Lace


Unique Lyon lace

Marco Lagattolla


Silk lace, cotton lace, macrame lace, embroidered tulle

Aldo Bianchi


Embellished tulle, Chantilly lace

Forster Rohner


Guipure lace, decorated lace



Cotton, guipure, wool, corded lace

All these companies are internationally famous and supply leading fashion houses with their creations. If you are the one with an artistic spirit, be sure to look through our catalog of plain, beaded, sequined and appliqued lace fabrics, and don’t forget the Exclusive section which holds the most stunning designs, including couture offers.

Solstiss Lace Fabrics at Tissura

Today, Solstiss is one of the most famous lace weaving companies in France. Their fine luxury laces are used by the world’s leading fashion houses. The wide color palette and the profusion of patterns make them the perfect lace supplier we are so glad to work with. Browse through our selection of plain and embroidered lace fabrics by Solstiss to find inspiration and create that eye-catching evening gown or that stunning lace blouse you’ve been dreaming of. The price for Solstiss lace ranges from:

  1. 340 US$ to 1300 US$ for embroidered exclusive designs;
  2. 200 US$ to 420 US$ for solid and multicolored guipure lace;
  3. 100 US$ to 340 US$ for plain and metallic Chantilly lace;
  4. 90 US$ to 200 US$ for cotton-based and metallic corded fabrics.

Solstiss laces are priced per one running meter. Most couture designs use sheer Chantilly lace as the base.

Here we have selected some of the most remarkable designs from our Solstiss lace collection. See the full offer and buy the Solstiss lace fabrics you desire most by clicking on the button below.

Solstiss lace fabric

Corded lace fabric, 130 € (156 US$) per one running metre;

Solstiss lace fabric

Guipure lace fabric, 172 €(206 US$) per one running metre;

Solstiss lace fabric

Corded lace fabric, 185 € (222 US$) per one running metre;

Chantilly lace fabric

Chantilly lace fabric, 115 € (138 US$) per one running metre

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