Pantone 2021 Illuminating

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Type of lace
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine - Italy (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00071075
91 US$
100% silk fabric in a bright yellow color. • How does it feel – thin, lightweight and translucent, with a slightly grainy feel and matt sheen, has an excellent drape.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace - France (Viscose 55% Polyamide 45%)
SKU: 00070234
215 US$
This lemon yellow Chantilly lace fabric features a graceful floral pattern and scalloped edges. Lightweight, sheer, soft to the touch and with an easy drape, this delicate lace is perfect as an overlaying material.
Tweed Boucle #1
Tweed Boucle - Italy (Polyamide 48% Viscose 31% Cotton 13%)
SKU: 00069471
194 US$
This Italian tweed boucle fabric has a loose weave. The color palette in yellow, grey, white is graceful.
Rhinestone Beaded Lace #1
Rhinestone Beaded Lace - France (Viscose 56% Polyamide 44%)
SKU: 00069427
545 US$
This sheer lemon lace features an intricate abstract pattern with floral elements. Embellished with rhinestones in golden, rose and silver colors, sequins and transparent beads, the fabric has a glittering effect.
Corded Lace #1
Corded Lace - France (Viscose 43% Cotton 42% Polyamide 15%)
SKU: 00069388
128 US$
This floral lace fabric comes in a mellow yellow color, with matching cord brought into play for extra volume. Both edges are delicately scalloped.
Silk Georgette  #1
Silk Georgette - Italy (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00068131
106 US$
This yellow silk georgette fabric boasts an elegant white polka dot pattern. Made of highly twisted yarn, it has a grainy texture and a billowing drape.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza - France (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00065583
85 US$
This sheer silk organza is a lightweight fabric with a crisp drape. Fine and see-through, it is unexpectedly strong and provides enough volume to any dress, blouse, top or skirt.
Tulle #1
Tulle Fabric - Italy (Nylon 100%)
SKU: 00052829
11.20 US$
This fine yellow tulle fabric is a lightweight material in 100% nylon. Stiff and sturdy, it is ideal for tutus, decorations, overlays and any other dressmaking projects you might be planning with tulle.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace - France (Polyamide 56% Viscose 44%)
SKU: 10000161
139 US$
This golden yellow Chantilly lace features an elaborate floral pattern. Each bouquet is gathered with two bows.