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Luxury cashmere fabric is a precious sort of wool from the undercoat of the Kashmir goat. Created by renowned European brands, it is used for premium dresses, suits, cardigans, coats, sweaters and shawls, all favoured by famous media celebrities.

Cashmere wool fibres are combed off the animal, cleaned and then sorted by length. The finest ones can be around 16 microns in diameter, which is about three times thinner than a human hair. Due to this fact, cashmere fabrics are softer, lighter and smoother compared to traditional sheep's wool.

Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere fabric excels in many parameters, whether you compare it with sheep's wool or silk.

Cashmere is extremely lightweight and fine. Its fibres are much thinner than even those of silk, and it makes cashmere fabulously soft. 100% cashmere can be easily pulled through a wedding ring. Still, this fabric is incredibly durable and warm, even comparable with wool and silk on these matters.

Cashmere is hypoallergic and has a range of medical properties. Its fibres contain natural wax that has a beneficial effect on the skin. Not surprisingly, this exclusive fabric is also called "cashmere sapphire".

Cashmere Blends

Luxury cashmere can be given even more softness and tenderness when blended with other noble fibres, such as beaver, mink, chinchilla or vicuña.

No less precious are cashmere blends with silk defined by a lavish sheen. The aficionados of stylish coats and jackets will be delighted by the double faced version of cashmere — the different colours of the face and back sides create an absolutely mesmerizing look.

These exclusive fabrics are generally woven by such iconic French and Italian manufacturers as Dormeuil, Agnona and Luigi Colombo.

Stretch Cashmere #1
Stretch Cashmere
SKU: 00039182
US$ 408
This premium cashmere fabric features a white color. Often called “soft gold” or “diamond fiber”, it has a luxurious drape and a super soft finish.
Cashmere #1
Cashmere Fabric
SKU: 00053633
US$ 430
This coat fabric is made of 100% cashmere renowned for its ultra soft feel and ability to keep warmth. Dyed in a pale pink color, it has a slightly textured look and a delicate sheen.
Cashmere & Beaver #1
Cashmere & Beaver
SKU: 00057199
US$ 692
This coat fabric is a unique combination of soft cashmere and beaver wool, one of the most durable natural materials. Combined together, they create an ultimately warm fabric with a luxuriously soft feel, comfortable in wear and well capable of protecting against cold.
Double Faced Cashmere Coating #1
Double Faced Cashmere Coating
SKU: 00069342
US$ 505
This double coating fabric is made of pure cashmere. Incredibly soft, it boasts two lovely colors – grey and beige – which can both serve as face for your next outerwear piece.
Cashmere #1
Cashmere Fabric
SKU: 00064110
US$ 430
This 100% cashmere fabric is a spectacular cloth by Dormeuil, the centuries-old manufacturer of luxury fabrics based in France. Due to the delicate texture and unique properties of the cashmere fiber, it is proudly referred to as ‘Soft Gold’ and ‘Diamond Fiber’.
Stretch Cashmere #1
Stretch Cashmere
SKU: 00039180
US$ 408
This premium cashmere fabric features a violet color. Often called “soft gold” or “diamond fiber”, it has a luxurious drape and a super soft finish.