Mix guipure & chantilly trims

  • Ivory/Ecru/Off-White
  • White
Type of lace
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe - Italy (Silk 100%)
SKU: 00066596
171 US$
This silk crepe fabric features an ecru color. Translucent when held to the light, it has a crisp texture and a soft hand.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace - France (Polyamide 70% Viscose 30%)
SKU: 00063902
163 US$
This ivory Chantilly lace fabric features a floral pattern, finished with eyelash scallops on both sides. Due to its composition, it is durable and keeps its original shape for a long time.
Guipure Applique Trimmed Tulle #1
Guipure Applique Trimmed Tulle - Switzerland (Viscose 77% Polyester 14% Silk 9%)
SKU: 00056092
1,339 US$
This ivory tulle fabric is a wonderful design brought to you all the way from Switzerland. The sheer tulle ground is embellished all over with floating guipure trims, each one attached with a few stitches here and there.
Trimmed Beaded Lace #1
Trimmed Beaded Lace - Italy (Polyamide 100%)
SKU: 00046313
909 US$
This ivory lace fabric is embroidered with matching lace trims arranged in a wave pattern. The production of such fabric requires utmost attention: the Italian masters carefully attach trims by hand to the base, using over 20 metres of trims for one metre of lace.
Guipure Lace Trim #1
Guipure Lace Trim - Austria (Viscose 70% Polyester 30%)
SKU: 00044946
55 US$
This ivory guipure lace trim features a botanical motif of leaves, flowers and clusters of barberries. The upper edge is finished with tiny tabs, also known as picot.
Lace Trim #1
Lace Trim - Austria (Viscose 70% Polyester 30%)
SKU: 00044937
19.20 US$
This ivory lace trim features a small triangle pattern, nestled between two woven strip details. Made of viscose and polyester, it is soft and delicate and can be used for all kinds of finishing, including apparel and home décor.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace - France (Polyamide 56% Viscose 44%)
SKU: 00040589
158 US$
This white Chantilly lace features an all-over pattern of flowers arranged in delicate bouquets. Each element of the French bridal lace fabric is outlined in white thread.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace - France (Viscose 51% Polyamide 49%)
SKU: 00040568
199 US$
This white Chantilly lace fabric features an all-over floral pattern with bluebells set amid tiny flowers. Each element is outlined in fine white thread.
Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Chantilly Lace Trim - France (Polyamide 50% Viscose 50%)
SKU: 00040496
80 US$
This white Chantilly lace trim features a blooming floral motif. Edged with eyelash scallops, it is lightweight and sheer like a gossamer.