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Embroidered Cotton Jacquard #1
Embroidered Cotton Jacquard
SKU: 00035234
546.70 US$
729 US$
This black cotton fabric is decorated with embroidered handbags of various shapes and sizes. The Swiss masters used a special embroidery technique to avoid tightening or pulling the fabric, while decorating it with an all-over satin stitch pattern.
Rhinestone Embroidered Wool #1
Rhinestone Embroidered Wool
SKU: 00037309
697 US$
This dark blue suiting fabric is made of 100% worsted wool. Fine and tender, it has an overpowering soft finish typical of wool flannel and feels heavenly to the touch.
Embroidered Cotton #1
Embroidered Cotton
SKU: 00050954
787 US$
This cotton fabric is crafted in a basket weave style, which is a synonym for durability, high performance and wrinkle resistance. Dyed in a dark blue color, it is decorated with tone-on-tone embroidery, complemented with laser-cut leaf and flower appliques.
Floral Lace Appliqued Linen #1
Floral Lace Appliqued Linen
SKU: 00060719
328 US$
This linen fabric features a heather grey color. Made of one of the most durable natural materials, with a characteristic slubby texture, it is breathable and absorbent and is ideal for summer garments.
Embroidered Linen #1
Embroidered Linen
SKU: 00060708
256 US$
This lightweight linen fabric features a black color. Made of one of the most durable natural materials, it is breathable and absorbent and is ideal for summer garments.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00021226
138 US$
This silk crepe features a black color. Noted for a delicate sheen and a nice crisp texture, it has an excellent drape and easily holds its shape.
High Fashion Stretch Jacquard #1
High Fashion Stretch Jacquard
SKU: 00059211
695 US$
This high fashion jacquard fabric features an all-over floral print on a black background. The color palette includes yellow, beige, lilac and light blue tints.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00042044
312 US$
This black silk crepe de chine features an all-over floral pattern with wild roses in red, yellow, lilac and turquoise. The pattern is divided into two scarf-like parts with printed tassels at the bottom.
Stretch Silk Satin #1
Stretch Silk Satin
SKU: 00015361
119 US$
This black silk fabric has a satin finish and a smooth feel. A touch of elastane provides a slight stretch for a more comfortable wear.
Golden Guipure Lace #1
Golden Guipure Lace
SKU: 00059472
1,742 US$
This golden guipure lace fabric features an exquisite pattern of whimsical flowers, interlaced with scrolling leaves. Joined with fine golden bars, reminiscent of airy gossamers, it shimmers beautifully as if filled with the lustre of the precious yellow metal.
Sequined Tweed Boucle #1
Sequined Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00058191
3,273 US$
This designer tweed boucle fabric is woven from wool threads in golden brown, white, black and burgundy. Soft and textured, it is embellished with a sea of tiny sparkling sequins which, together with metallic threads, lend a luxurious sheen to the surface.
Laser Cut Appliqued Tweed Boucle #1
Laser Cut Appliqued Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00035203
932.20 US$
1,243 US$
This medium weight boucle fabric is a combination of cream, beige and black yarns, mixed into an overall beige color. The fibers woven intricately together create a signature pebbly surface.