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Bridal chiffon fabric is a delicate and sheer silk fabric for wedding dress overskirts, sleeves and wraps. Chiffon helps create a tender and romantic look, especially for the photo session on a seashore. It is also a gorgeous option for a bridesmaid dress.

Bridal chiffon for a summer wedding is extremely lightweight, moisture-absorbent, and hardly perceptible on a body. It looks gorgeous when combined with other bridal fabrics, such as satin, organza, fur or natural leather. Chiffon doesn’t limit your movements and easily fits your body shape.

Fabric Types

We constantly update our collection of bridal chiffon fabrics to give you the hottest trend fabrics. For 2019, we offer the following ones:

  1. Silk chiffon,
  2. Satin chiffon,
  3. Stretch satin chiffon,
  4. Silk organza.

The Leading Manufacturers

At Tissura, we cooperate with the leading French, Italian and Swiss silk manufacturing brands, such as:

  • Belinac (France),
  • Ruffo Coli (Italy),
  • Taroni (Italy),
  • Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland).

Chiffon Collection

Bridal chiffon fabrics at Tissura meet the latest fashion trends and utmost quality standards. We always have a regular collection of these fabrics supplied from the leading silk manufacturers, which means that whenever our partnering manufacturers develop a new fabric design, we are the ones who get it in stock first.

Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00036461
US$ 52
This lightweight silk chiffon features a pure white color. It has a delicate, sheer texture and a satin finish.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00066319
US$ 70
This white sheer fabric is flowing silk chiffon. Made of 100% silk, this bridal fabric is lightweight, translucent and delightfully soft to touch.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00060149
US$ 72
This lightweight silk chiffon features an ivory color. Flowing and sheer, it has an airy feel about it.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00060157
US$ 131
This ivory silk chiffon features a delicate floral pattern which imitates lace weave. The white print has been applied by hand and feels a little bit rough on the face side, leaving the reverse side as smooth as chiffon can be.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00066315
US$ 119
This white silk chiffon is a plain woven fabric made with tightly twisted crepe yarns. Less sheer than most chiffons, it has a soft hand and a crepe-like texture.
Stretch Satin Chiffon #1
Stretch Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00065905
US$ 129
This flowing silk chiffon features an ivory color. Delightfully soft to touch, our translucent fabric contains a touch of elastane for a lovely stretch.