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Bridal Organza 9


Bridal organza fabric is a diaphanous, lightweight and crisp fabric for a wedding dress. Its airiness is legendary, and can be compared with that of chiffon: 22-50 g/m 2. Organza is a timeless classic of bridal wear, and is expected to be a hot trend in 2019 as well. What is the secret of its popularity?

Organza is a perfect option for a full skirt of a wedding gown. This fabric is known for outstanding shape-keeping properties, high durability and resistance to wrinkling. It also features a smooth surface and helps create a gorgeous silhouette.

Organza Types

Tissura fabrics always meet the latest high fashion trends and are known as the synonym for splendid style. For 2019, we have selected the following types of bridal organza:

  1. Silk organza,
  2. Organza cloque,
  3. Degrade silk organza,
  4. Fil coupe organza,
  5. Cotton organdy,
  6. Marble effect cotton organdy.

Organza Manufacturers

Tissura cooperates with the most luxurious Swiss, Italian and French organza fabric manufacturers:

  • Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland),
  • Hausammann (Switzerland),
  • Ruffo Coli (Italy),
  • Belinac (France).

Organza Collection

What makes our collection of bridal organza fabrics so special on the market? Exquisite style and unbeatable quality have always been the hallmark of Tissura assortment, which is the result of our thorough selection of suppliers. All of them are legendary European fabric manufacturers, which fabrics are regularly chosen by the world-renowned couturiers. Moreover, we guarantee you 100% flawless weave and dyeing of bridal organza, as our purchasing department checks every single metre of all the fabrics we buy.

Our fabric range meets not only current bridal fashion trends, but future trends as well! Due to the well-established relationships with suppliers, we can develop our custom fabric designs and order production at our partners’ facilities. This gives you a chance to create not only luxurious wedding dress, but make it one-of-a-kind.

Organza Cloque #1
Organza Cloque
SKU: 00046336
US$ 111
This white bridal organza fabric features a raised pattern. The cloque effect is created by combining two layers of fabric under different tension.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00040448
US$ 56
This sheer silk organza is a lightweight fabric with a crisp drape. Fine and see-through, it is unexpectedly strong and provides enough volume to any dress, blouse, top or skirt.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00060183
US$ 133 US$ 67
This sheer ivory silk organza features a delicate rose pattern which imitates lace weave. The white print has been applied by hand and feels slightly textured to the touch.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00060167
US$ 133
This sheer ivory silk organza features a delicate floral pattern which imitates lace weave. The white print has been applied by hand and feels a little bit rough on the face side, leaving the reverse side as smooth as organza can be.
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00062362
US$ 150 US$ 75
This sheer ivory organza fabric features a delicate rose pattern which imitates lace weave. It is made of pure high-quality silk.
Fil Coupe Organza #1
Fil Coupe Organza
SKU: 00060194
US$ 235 US$ 118
This semi-sheer white organza has a loose weave texture, yet is stiff and crisp. It features a raised floral design produced by the weaving technique known as ‘fil coupe’.