Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn fabric is an airy and sheer cloth made of 100% cotton. Plainly woven, it features a smooth and untextured surface with a crisp finish. This uniform fabric has been a hot trend for recent years, and in 2018, it is expected to be highly popular for dresses, blouses, shirts and children’s wear.

This type of cotton is soft and feels perfectly against your skin. Cotton lawn also creates subtle drapes due to its light weight, which is about 76-104 g/m 2. All these features make it a go-to option both for your summer wardrobe and for regular clothing in climates with high average temperature.

Cotton Lawn



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Lawn Suppliers

All our cotton lawn fabrics are supplied by Liberty, a prominent British manufacturer famous for stylish and elaborately drawn prints. Another remarkable fact about this brand is that it uses a wide palette with a range of exclusive colors. By going for Liberty, you are going for a stunningly vivid look!

Tissura assortment always meets the latest fashion trends. We constantly update it with fabrics that are expected to be in high demand next season. As far as the most distinctive element of cotton lawn design is a pattern, we have selected the following types of patterns for this fabric: floral, conversational, Paisley, ornamental, abstract, stripes and botanical.

Cotton Collection

The cotton fabric collection is represented by poplin, jersey knit, organdy, voile, jacquard, muslin, twill, sateen and velvet. They are created out of such luxury sorts as Egyptian Giza 45, 87 and 88, American Supima or Sea Island from Barbados. What makes them truly precious is a long staple, recognized for a smooth hand, high durability and subtle lustrous sheen.

Best cotton is woven by such renowned Europan brands, as Hausammann, Liberty, Cotonificio Albini, HOH and Carnet. Their luxury fabrics are selected for shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, trousers and tops.