Cotton Shirting Fabric Guide

Shirting fabrics should be breathable, durable, pleasant to the touch, and comfortable to wear all year round. That's why only the best cotton usually used for creating them. What is a thread count? It's the ratio between fabric smoothness and durability: as the number increases, the fabric becomes smoother, yet more prone to occasional tearing. The most optimal ration for shirting fabrics ranges from Super 60's to Super 80's. As a result, shirts wrinkle less, yet remain very strong.

How to choose a shirting fabric?


Depending on the design:

  • White fabric for the formal dress code.
  • Printed shirting fabric for a business and casual look.
  • Jacquard shirting fabric for special occasions.

Depending on the weaving type:

  • Formal dress code: Poplin, Pinpoint Oxford, Twill, Royal Oxfor
  • Business look: Poplin, Oxford (in the U.S.), Twill, End-on-end, Herringbone, Royal Oxford.
  • Casual wear: Oxford (in the EU), Herringbone, Twill, End-on-end.
  • Special occasions: Jacquard, Poplin.

Tissura offers an extensive choice of fabrics for men’s shirts.

Cotton Shirting #1
Cotton Shirting - Italy (Cotton 100%)
SKU: 00066824
48 US$
This cotton shirting fabric boasts a gingham check pattern in baby blue and white. Made in Italy, it is breathable and delightfully soft.
Cotton Shirting #1
Cotton Shirting - Italy (Cotton 100%)
SKU: 00067798
47 US$
This white shirting fabric is made of 100% high grade cotton in a pique weave. Breathable, it is soft and extremely durable which makes it wearable over time.
Cotton Shirting #1
Cotton Shirting - Switzerland (Cotton 100%)
SKU: 00066324
65 US$
This lilac shirting fabric features a herringbone pattern. Made of 100% cotton, it is soft and completely opaque.


Top 5 reasons to choose shirting fabric at Tissura

  1. Cooperation with the leading cotton manufacturers from Italy and Switzerland, such as Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason, Hausammann.
  2. High-quality selection of cotton fabrics suitable for any occasion.
  3. The latest fashion trends.
  4. Unique designs.
  5. Worldwide delivery.

How to take care of a cotton shirt

Tissura offers an extensive choice of fabrics for men’s shirts.

  1. Pretreat stains before laundering.
  2. Use cold water.
  3. After washing, place the shirts on a hanger to dry or press them right the way.
  4. Do not use the dryer. It will extend the life of the shirt.
  5. Use plastic or wooden hangers. Avoid wire hangers: they are too thin and will damage the fibers. They can also get rusty and leave stains