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Fratelli Piacenza is a legendary Italian manufacturer of noble wool fabrics. With more than 300 years of expertise in wool fabric weaving, it is renowned for its highest mastery in the production of superfine merino and cashmere wool, baby camelhair, and rarest vicuña fabrics, with 'Heritage', 'Double' and 'Tweed' to be its most famous product lines. The company heavily invests in R&D working on new high-performance fabrics that feature a splendid combo of extreme airiness and exquisite style. Fratelli Piacenza keeps following its credo in environmental care since 1840, when the company's first hydraulic turbine was built. Today, the manufacturer utilises a water purification plant and cogeneration plant in the aspiration to maximise energy efficiency and zero a harmful impact on nature.

The Italian brand is presented at Tissura with some of its most exquisite single and double coating fabrics of merino, cashmere, alpaca and angora wool.

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Multicolor
  • Navy/Dark Blue
Double Faced Wool Coating #1
Double Faced Wool Coating - Italy (Lama 52% Worsted Wool 43% Nylon 5%)
SKU: 00071683
390 US$
Double-faced wool coating fabric manufactured in Italy. One side is fluffy with long fibers, the other – exceptionally soft with loops and curls.
Double Faced Wool Coating #1
Double Faced Wool Coating - Italy (Wool 98% Nylon 2%)
SKU: 00069341
256 US$
This double coating fabric in dark navy blue is made of high quality merino wool. Thick and soft, it has a stiffer drape perfect for peacoats, ponchos, dress coats and more.
Wool Coating #1
Wool Coating - Italy (Wool 100%)
SKU: 00069335
121 US$
This pure wool coating fabric in plum brown is the ultimate catch. Produced in Italy, it is perfect for a wide range of chiс garments, from overcoats and jackets to dress coats.
Double Wool, Angora & Alpaca #1
Double Wool, Angora & Alpaca - Italy (Wool 84% Alpaca 8% Angora 8%)
SKU: 00067237
222 US$
This double-faced wool coating fabric from Italy is a premium blend of wool, angora and alpaca. It has an exceptionally soft finish and consists of two layers – one is navy, while the other boasts grey melange stripes.