Enjoy Eternal Blossom

The annual flower festival in the Netherlands is about to begin! We invite you to our own floral parade, just as much colorful and vibrant.
Jakob Schlaepfer Fabrics

See the special selection of silk fabrics produced in Switzerland – from lightweight chiffon and georgette to bold crepe de chine. These new arrivals are all about exclusive prints and high quality silk.

See the new selection of Swiss silk fabrics.

Check out another new addition from Italian silk fabric manufacturers.

Discover some of the best European fabrics decorated with flowers.

Or, take a cue from the catwalks and use these gorgeous 3D patches to stay on top.

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Happy International Thank-You Day!
Today is January 11 - the International Thank-You Day! Dziakuju, dziekuje, thank you, danke, merci, toda, dank, grazie, arigato, obrigado, tack, gracias, xie xie, tesekkür ederim — that’s what we want to tell you!
Exclusive wool fabrics for men
Men's Fashion Week by Tissura
London Fashion Week Men's is starting today. We are starting our High Fashion Week.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!