Star Astrology 2018: Episode II. Dress for Your Zodiac Sign – Four Elements. The Element of Air

Bye-bye, Rooster! hello, Yellow Earth Dog! The new year 2018 requires all the best qualities of our loyal pet from gemini, Aquarius and Libra. These children of the Air element are always airy & fairy, easy & breathy. Find out their new lucky colors of the year 2018!

Fabrics by zodiac signs: air

It’s impossible to tell an Aquarius what to wear. Independent and fashion-forward, you have a strong sense of style. Why not allow a pop of color — bright yellow or metallic golden?

See the fabric collection for Aquarius

If you are one of the Twins, you love mixing casual wear with funky statement pieces. The upcoming 2018 brings your power colors – orange, yellow and magenta!
See the fabric collection for Gemini

A real fashionista, you go for luxurious and glamorous clothes made with good taste. Here’s a tip for you – ivory, blonde yellow and sandy are Libra’s new favorites.

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