Star Astrology 2018: Episode III. The Element of Earth

The Yellow Earth Dog is the patron animal of the new year 2018. Calm and kind, this representative of the Earth element brings you protection, loyalty, family comfort. And, of course, the lucky colors of Earth signs — Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn!
Fabrics for earth signs

Your practical and detail-oriented nature often translates into your fashion choices. In 2018 settle upon earthly and warm colors like chocolate brown, mahogany and sangria red.

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Ever-organized, neat and polished – that’s what your typical look is like. You stick to a neutral color palette. Nothing too flashy, just timeless pieces paired with trendy accessories in brown, pastel and beige hues.

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In your search of comfortable and fictional clothes you end up with a full wardrobe of black things. Add some Feng Shui colors and choose casual pieces in dark brown, neutral grey and fashionable tawny port.

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