Men's Fashion Week by Tissura

London Fashion Week Men's is starting today. We are starting our High Fashion Week.

Exclusive wool fabrics for men

One can hardly ever see a classical suit on the catwalk of London Fashion Week Men's. But LFWM anniversary parties are a concourse of celebrities in well-tailored classy suits of all shapes and colors. They host fashion icons from designers to actors, footballers and musicians. Men’s fashion might be questionable at times. You probably wouldn’t copy Mark Jacobs’s skirt look. But we are pretty sure you’d borrow a couple of tricks from David Beckham, wouldn’t you?

Sometimes there is much more to a fine suiting fabric than premium quality and a well-known brand. Our exclusive selection offers more luxury and splendor than one can imagine. Choose between precious wool fabrics that are infused with the essence of orchid, contain diamond dust, tiny particles of lapis lazuli or pure 24 carat gold.

Have a look at exclusive wool fabrics for men. You can particularly enjoy the Orchid wool fabric collection, exclusive Lapis Lazuli collection, Diamond Chip wool fabric collection by Scabal, as well as luxury wool fabric from the Treasure Box collection.

Checks are always in. And even if they're out for a season, they're back very soon. A checkered pattern is probably the most common and versatile one. From bold tartan to understated windowpane — anyone can find a variety to their liking and according to the occasion. Check out the suiting fabrics in English style.

There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. Our raincoat fabrics treated with a water-proof repellent make the best clothes for showery weather. You will find smooth silk, coated wool, cashmere and quilted fabrics suitable for rainproof apparel. See the selection of raincoat fabrics.

Remember Kingsman 2 - the British action movie released this autumn? Colin Firth was elegantly featuring three Dormeuil's iconic fabrics. You can also have a look at two Yamakasi running free in Exel Blue — Dormeuil's unique fabric with natural stretch. Check out the exclusive wool fabric EXEL BLUE by Dormeuil.