Are You Following Paris Fashion Week?

The upcoming Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris is special in many ways. But there’s one thing you have to know. It starts on the 21.01 - the day Christian Dior was born.

Feather Fabrics

The designer is long gone, but his legendary fashion house celebrated the 70th anniversary in 2017. Delicate or dramatic, simple or sophisticated, Dior brought us ultra feminine silhouettes and glorified women’s curves.

Haute Couture has become a kind of modern art that offers spectacular shows and glamourous entertainment. You can join this industry by turning a fabric from our selection into a catwalk dress.

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Accentuate your airy nature with feathered trims. Feel as free as a bird in feather embroidered fabrics. Fancy feathers for a total look? Wear them everywhere!

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Want to look rose colored after long holidays? Get yourself some flowers you can actually wear! Our unique fabrics with trendy 3D flowers will help you blossom all year round!

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