The World Sleep Day

Today we celebrate the World Sleep Day. Join the Sleep World with cozy, smooth, soft fabrics and cute prints.

pajama fabrics

Here is our fashion guide how to count sheep to fall asleep. We wish you to stay on trend and enjoy a healthy sleep!

  • Count sheep to fall asleep in a gorgeous silk satin pajama, dressing gown or night-dress. Check out our selection of solid silk fabrics to find the right option for such outfits;
  • Count sheep to fall asleep in a cute printed silk pajama. See the selection of printed silk satin fabrics;
  • Count sheep to fall asleep in a cozy pajama, made of high quality printed cotton – voile, lawn, poplin. Select your printed cotton fabric;
  • Host a pajama party and go out in an exquisite jacquard dressing gown! Our jacquard fabrics range will help you bring any pajama ideas into life.

Did you know?
The pajama style is a new glam trend, spotted in fashion shows autumn-winter 2019 in Milan, Paris, London, and New York. Models in solid pajamas of juicy shades are on every catwalk in the world. Pajama, made of silk satin, looks stunning with a warm cashmere coat, luxurious fur-coat or trendy jacquard raincoat.