Top Fashion Colors Spring/Summer 2018

The Pantone Color Institute™, the acknowledged leader in color standards, prepares a fashion color report every season, based on the favorite colors spotted in fashion shows.

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Here are our exclusive fabrics in Top Fashion Colors Spring/Summer 2018.

Classic Color Palette is the base for creating your wardrobe

Warm Sand
Feel yourself like at a coast of a warm sea with this wonderful beige color. It is a perfect match for any other color and will always be topical.
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Coconut Milk
The white color is a symbol of renewal, new beginnings. All about spring, it is a timeless classic.
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Sailor Blue
The navy color, inspired by sea adventures, is elegant and universally successful both for casual and evening wear. It is an anchor of the Classic Color Palette.
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Harbor Mist
This pleasant grey color adds a touch of mystery to a spring look. It does not look plain; it is graceful and calm, especially with lightweight fabrics.
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These spring Top Fashion Colors vary from tender pink to rich violet:

Ultra Violet
Like a twilight, enigmatic and eye-catching, this fabulous purple color is an ideal choice for fancy spring dresses. Feel the magic of the Color of the Year!
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Green is a color of life and awakening of nature, a synonym of spring! It has an aristocratic emerald shade, which is perfect for an elegant and fresh look!
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Pink Lavender
This color is between fresh pink and elegant violet. It will add graceful chic to any apparel. Perfect for a romantic spring look.
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Almost Mauve
Tender, pretty, feminine like cherry blossoms petals flying in the air, this pale lilac color is a spring must-be.
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Little Boy Blue
A dreamy look in a spring sky, a brand new day is about to come, full of life and hope. This pastel blue color is a must-have of this season!
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Cherry Tomato
The rich red color is a true fashion statement! It is a cheerful hue, the symbol of power, courage and passion. Perfect for a never-to-be-forgotten look!
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Blooming Dahlia
Get lost in blooming gardens! Sophisticated like a dahlia, this beige-pink color looks great and will add charm to your wardrobe!
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This juicy yellow color resembles the first flowers, blooming all over a young green grass. Perfect to celebrate the spring coming!
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Chili Oil
Taste the spring with this spicy color! Being a multi-purpose hue, it is an ideal choice both for festive garment and casual wear.

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Being a color of earth, it is a symbol of loyalty and stability. This brown hue is great for elegant looks.

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