Embroidered Linen

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Composition:  72% Linen 18% Cotton 10% Polyester
Weight: 110 g/m²
Width: 145 cm
Manufacturer: HOH
Country: Austria
Categories: Dresses, Shirts, Skirts

This pale yellow linen fabric features lily-of-the-valley embroidery, made with white cotton threads. Breathable and absorbent, it is ideal for summer garments with a romantic twist. This soft linen material has a characteristic slubby texture found in all linen cloths, and is slightly translucent. This design is brought to you by Austrian fabric giant HOH in two summer-perfect colors. Combine it with a matching plain fabric to create lovely outfits for warmer weather (60921).

What is Linen?

Linen is a natural fabric made of flax plant fibers. It dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was worth its weight in gold. Mummies of the Pharaohs were wrapped in linen cloths, which represented wealth, purity and status. Nowadays exquisite European homes are tastefully adorned with French inspired linen fabrics with a cozy and somewhat rustic look. This fabric enjoys popularity everywhere – from world catwalks to city streets. Linen has been praised throughout history for

  • organic raw material,
  • environmentally friendly production,
  • extraordinary durability,
  • inimitable stylish look,
  • natural and breathable texture,
  • high absorbance,
  • hypo-allergenic and anti-static qualities,
  • comfort in wear,
  • keeping warmth in cold weather and cooling the body down when it’s hot,
  • retaining shape,
  • creasing less with time.

With all these benefits an off-beat dress made of sheer linen fabric can be a real investment in your wardrobe! But how can one choose a style that lasts for decades? Here are some options to make the most of this regal material.

  • Striped linen fabric for that effortlessly chic off-the-shoulder dress with a boho-inspired silhouette.
  • White linen fabric makes an easy breathy shirt dress, a tunic or even a bridal dress for a summer goddess.
  • Printed linen fabric works well for a simple but unique day dress with a relaxed and carefree feel.

Want to spice up your linen dress? Just add ruffles, bows and embroidery for a flirty and romantic look.

How to Sew with Linen

Linen is probably one of the most convenient fabrics to sew. But as well as many other natural woven fabrics, it might also be quite tricky. Due to its slubby texture, this fabric can be a real challenge for those who have just started their sewing lessons. There are several tips that can help you turn this linen into a beautiful piece of clothing.

1. Before buying linen one should take into account the cloth contraction. As all natural fabrics, linen might shrink by 10%, so it’s better to add 10% to the expected length.

2. All linen fabrics must be prepared before cutting. Pre-washing might work, but it all depends on the type of fabrics – sometimes only dry-cleaning is allowed. The best way is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Linen is a low maintenance fabric when it comes to cutting and tailoring. If you need to secure your fabric, opt for fine and sharp silk pins. Sharp scissors are a key to success. If you are working by hand, use sharp needles and special threads from reliable thread suppliers.

4. Linen has a mesh structure, so seams might prove to be insecure with tight fitting garments. If you are choosing a style, opt for a relaxed fit. One might use interfacing fabric to densify linen or secure the seam.

5. Linen must never be washed in a washing machine or tumble dried. One also should avoid wringing and twisting linen clothes. As linen fabrics are subject to creasing, pressing garments before wear is the best solution for a neat and polished look.

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