Worsted Wool, Silk & Linen

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US$ 266 /m per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd

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Composition:  50% Worsted Wool 25% Linen 25% Silk
Weight: 167 g/m²
Width: 158 cm
Manufacturer: Scabal
Country: Belgium
Collection: Amalfi
Categories: Jackets

This lightweight suiting fabric by Scabal is a summer-inspired fusion of worsted wool, silk and linen. Constructed in a twill weave, it features a grey and yellow check pattern on a light grey background. This fabric is perfect for summer jackets that will please the eye with its modern design and keep you warm in a breeze.

Men’s Suiting Fabrics

Suiting fabrics are always in high demand especially when it comes to business wear. Although there are several types of wool one can use for jackets and trousers, merino wool is by far one of the best. It comes from merino sheep that lives in Australia and New Zealand in extreme weather conditions.

Why is merino wool so special?

  • It is breathable. Merino wool fabrics release heat and keep one dry in any conditions.
  • It is both warm and cool. This type of wool provides ultimate warmth when needed, but it also cools one down when one starts warming up.
  • It is strong. Merino fibers can be easily stretched and flexed.
  • It is soft. Merino wool does not itch, all due to the fine diameter of fibers.

Wool suiting fabrics are popular both among men and women. They are easily crafted into trousers, jackets, vests, dresses, skirts and even shorts.

Merino Wool Fabric

Merino wool fabrics come in various weights: fine worsteds for jackets, dresses and trousers, soft and dense fabrics for warm coats and ponchos. The name comes from the breed of Merino sheep that graze over the open pastures of Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia, etc.

Merino wool is soft, durable, resilient and moisture-wicking. It is easily dyed in solid colors and can be printed to get fashion designs. Lightweight wool fabrics are perfect for casual and formal dresses, and they also make elegant business suits for gentlemen. The best wool suiting fabrics in the world are made of nothing less than merino wool.

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Fabric by the Yard: Measurement Conversion

All fabrics on our website are priced by the running meter. The term "running meter" or "linear meter" is used in the fabric industry. To convert meters to yards, use the conversion factor 0.9144. In other words,
1 Yard = 0.9144 Meters
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