Jacquard Brocade

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US$ 75 /m per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd

The standard sample size is 10cm*width of the item. Please note that the sample size may vary depending on the items features.


Composition:  46% Cotton 42% Polyester 12% Metallic Fibers
Weight: 170 g/m²
Width: 159 cm
Manufacturer: Dutel
Country: France
Categories: Dresses, Evening Wear, Jackets, Skirts

Jacquard Brocade

Black jacquard brocade fabric with a floral pattern. Jacquard is a type of cloth featuring an intricate pattern woven into the warp on a special mechanical loom, rather than printed on the surface. Any jacquard fabric is all about the pattern, which looks that unique due to the way it is applied. Brocade jacquard is a patterned raised cloth woven with multicolored threads. Usually heavy and rich, it is worn mainly on special occasions. Non-reversible, it can also contain metallic threads.


  • Design – the pattern features copper flowers on the black background. Before the invention of the jacquard loom, such patterns were made by hand and involved a lot of labor and time. Nowadays, highly detailed motifs are woven automatically in a much shorter time. The secret is in controlling warp yarns. The jacquard loom creates a pattern by selecting and lifting warp yarns.

  • Manufacturer – made in France by Dutel, a world’s leading jacquard fabric producer, operating since 1937. Their high craftsmanship and innovative techniques allow to achieve the highest quality. Brand is also well-known for exquisite picturesque motifs that give a classic impression to style. Dutel produces two collections consist of around 350 fabrics each in a year.

  • How does it feel – dense, slightly textured, completely opaque, metallic threads blended into the weave lend an unbeatable sheen.

  • Suitable for sewing of dresses, skirts, jackets, evening wear.

  • Season to wear – this jacquard has a medium-density and luxurious pattern, which makes it an ideal material for special occasions during cold seasons.

Washing instructions

We recommend not to iron this jacquard fabric. It can only be steamed. It is advisable to hang the item on a hanger after wear, but not in the closet. You can shake off the dust with a brush. And if necessary, the material needs to be dry-cleaned.

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