Corded Lace

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per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd


Composition:  65% Polyamide 35% Viscose
Weight: 149 g/m²
Width: 90 cm
Manufacturer: Sophie Hallette
Country: France
Categories: Dresses, Skirts

This red Chantilly lace fabric boasts an all-over floral pattern outlined with soutache cord. It is edged with festive scallops. Due to its content which comprises a balanced blend of premium fibers, the lace is quite durable and keeps its original appearance and color for a long time. Use this sheer lace for your fashion projects, turn it into overlays or apparel accents.

This lace fabric has a tiny defect: the red cord contains a white thread which is visible in some areas of the pattern. Still, it does not affect its charm and can be used for creating evening or casual outfits.

The lace is 70% off as you need to fix the soutache cord.

Corded Lace

Corded lace fabrics are renowned for their raised patterns outlined with soutache cord. These fabrics are also known as Alencon lace and are often used in bridal and evening fashion. Corded lace is ideal for overlays and looks especially chic paired with organza or silk satin. Opaque or see-through, this lace type has a textured surface.

Corded laces are supplied by such well-known French and Austrian manufacturers as Sophie Hallette, Riechers Marescot, Solstiss and HOH. Chosen by the world's leading fashion houses, they are often transformed into iconic masterpieces of haute couture.

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