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Silk Crepe de Chine

92 US$per one running metre
SKU: 00063136


Composition: 100% Silk
Weight:71 g/m²
Width:139 cm
Suitable For:Blouses, Dresses, Skirts


This silk crepe de chine features a pink floral print on a jet black background. It has an opaque texture and a crepe-like feel. With its medium weight and matt sheen, it is a lovely choice for spring/summer dresses, blouses and skirts.

What is Silk?

Silk has always been a highly prized cloth since it was first obtained thousands of years ago in China. Perfectly natural and breathable, it is considered the ‘queen of the fabrics’ and comes in a wide variety of textures. Silk is generally used in textiles and is one of the most popular choices both for evening dresses and casual wear – all because of its look, feel and hand. Silk fabrics are not only lightweight, but also resilient and strong. Floral prints are considered some of the most fashionable.

What is Silk Crepe de Chine

Silk crepe de chine is a plain woven fabric created from high twist yarns. It has a soft, slightly rough texture and is either opaque or semi-opaque. Crepe de chine (from French ‘crepe of China’) has an amazing drape and is characterized by a matt sheen. This fabric is surprisingly durable. Silk crepe de chines are available both in solid colors and in prints. They are often used for dresses and blouses, as well as skirts and other spring/summer apparel.

How to Sew with Silk Crepe de Chine

Silk crepe de chine, as well as many other lightweight woven fabrics, is quite tricky to sew. Due to its slippery nature, this fabric can be a real challenge for those who have just started their sewing lessons. There are several tips that can help you turn this silk chiffon into a beautiful piece of clothing.

  1. Always prepare your fabric before cutting. Pre-washing might work, but it all depends on the type of fabrics – sometimes only dry-cleaning is allowed. The best strategy is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Dry-cleaning helps seal the pigment and ensure the fabric is a uniform color.
  2. If you need to secure your fabric, opt for fine and sharp silk pins. You may also use weights to keep it in place.
  3. Sharp scissors are a key to success. We recommend using special scissors for cutting silk.
  4. If you are using a sewing machine for your project, do not forget to choose the correct machine foot and needle. Silk crepe de chine loves larger stitch lengths. If you are working by hand, use sharp needles and special threads from reliable thread suppliers.
  5. Pressing is quite tricky, too. Silk fabrics are ok with ironing, but they don’t work well with water as it can leave water spots. Always test your cloth before pressing! We also recommend pressing your fabric on the reverse side with some kind of protection, like cotton batiste. Or, you could also use a special iron shoe.

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