Organic Cotton Fabric

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US$ 84 /m per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd

The standard sample size is 10cm*width of the item. Please note that the sample size may vary depending on the items features.


Composition:  100% Cotton
Weight: 253 g/m²
Width: 151 cm
Manufacturer: Cotonificio Albini
Country: Italy
Categories: Dresses, Jackets, Skirts, Trousers

This dark blue 100% organic* BIOFUSION®** cotton fabric is produced by Cotonificio Albini, the leading Italian fabric manufacturer.

*Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. The land is not treated with toxic pesticides and herbicides. Organic cotton’s share of the world cotton production is less than 0.1%.

**BIOFUSION® is a blend of Supima, an American superior type of cotton, and Upland, the highest quality long-staple cotton.

Cotonificio Albini directly controls the cultivation of cotton to ensure the compliance with all the necessary requirements.

This unique piece is ideal for summer jackets, dresses, trousers and skirts.

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Fabric by the Yard: Measurement Conversion

All fabrics on our website are priced by the running meter. The term "running meter" or "linear meter" is used in the fabric industry. To convert meters to yards, use the conversion factor 0.9144. In other words,
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