Boucle Fabric

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US$ 200 /m per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd

The standard sample size is 10cm*width of the item. Please note that the sample size may vary depending on the items features.


Composition:  50% Wool 50% Polyamide
Weight: 466 g/m²
Width: 152 cm
Manufacturer: Grosber
Country: Italy
Categories: Coats, Dresses, Jackets, Skirts

This black boucle fabric is a dramatic mix of yarns, woven together to give a signature design. Its construction is quite simple – the wool ground is interlaced with black ribbons, each one holding a strip of tassels. With its classic soft feel, beautifully offset by smooth tassels, this boucle looks wonderful made into special occasion dresses, jackets, skirts or even lightweight coats. You can use it all by itself or pair with plain fabrics to balance out the festive sparkle of tassels.

Boucle Fabric

Boucle is a term used for both yarn and fabric woven from it. It came into the spotlight thanks to the French queen of style Coco Chanel. She created the brand new image – free, independent and somewhat masculine – borrowing a jacket from the man’s wardrobe. Chanel style jacket has been an evergreen symbol of feminine elegance since the ‘60s. Boucle is the most frequently used fabric for Chanel-inspired suits and jackets. Looped and voluminous, this yarn is made of two or more strands. Boucle got its name from a French word which means ‘to curl’. Originally this yarn had a moderate color scope and varied with more or less crimpy appearance. Nowadays producers mix threads in bold colors and use unconventional materials to come up with creatively different boucle fabrics.

Tweed or Tweed Boucle?

Imagine a Chanel-inspired jacket and a typical Sherlock Holmes deerstalker. In spite of the visible difference between these two fabrics, there are some facts one needs to know. While boucle is mostly a yarn type, twill is a weave. Tweed weave has a diagonal pattern and several signature patterns like herringbone and houndstooth. Boucle can be sewn in a plain or tweed weave and still boast its nubby texture.

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