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Chinchilla & Cashmere

SKU: 00033804
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US$ 887 /m US$ 623/m
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Composition:  50% Chinchilla 50% Cashmere
Weight: 287 g/m²
Width: 150 cm
Manufacturer: Luigi Colombo
Country: Italy
Categories: Coats, Jackets

This brown fabric is a luxurious blend of rare and expensive yarns — chinchilla and cashmere. It boasts a subtle stripe pattern in lighter and darker brown hues. Dense chinchilla fur is considered to be the softest one in the world. It has been admired for centuries not only for its unparalleled beauty but for outstanding hypoallergenic qualities which make chinchilla the perfect choice for sensitive skin. Posh cashmere is renowned for its ultimately soft feel and ability to keep warmth. This deluxe fabric is perfect for coats that feel like heaven and last next to forever.

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