Pleated Silk Georgette Lamé

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Composition:  75% Silk 25% Polyester
Weight: 47 g/m²
Manufacturer: Ruffo Coli
Country: Italy
Categories: Dresses, Evening Wear, Skirts

Pleated silk georgette fabric in a dark grey color. It has a lustrous sheen due to metallic threads. This fabric is sold by pieces only.
• How does it feel – lightweight and thin, semi-sheer, has an excellent drape, and a crepe-like feel.
• Suitable for – dresses, skirts.
• Pattern – the waist is 33 cm when pleated (88 cm when unfolded), the lower edge is 440 cm when unfolded, the length piece is 116 cm.

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Silk Georgette Lamé - Italy (Silk 75% Polyester 25%)
SKU: 00072612
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Italian silk georgette fabric in a dark grey color with a beautiful metallic sheen. • How does it feel – lightweight, slightly translucent, has an excellent drape, and a crepe-like feel.