Mother of Pearl Buttons

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Diameter: 0.8 cm
Manufacturer: Secondo Stefano Pavese
Country: Italy
Material: Mother of Pearl/ Shell
Purpose: Blouse
Button measure: 14L

This black mother of pearl shank button features a round shape, with the top part styled to resemble a shell. It is also available in a larger diameter: 56363.

Nacre Buttons

Nacre buttons are a timelessly fashionable sewing accessory, renowned both for its physical properties and stylish look. Also known as Mother of Pearl buttons, they are strong, resilient, iridescent and featuring an iridescent effect that brings a romantic mood to the outfit. One of the world's most distinguished Italian manufacturer of nacre buttons is Gritti. This brand uses the materials from the depths of Australian, Polynesian, Philippine, Indonesian and Madagascar water areas, which makes its accessories a true jewel. Its ball-shaped, flat or raised edged buttons will be a perfect match for different clothing: coats, jackets or shirts. Various diameters, styles and colour options let you select the buttons exactly for your outfit.

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