Embroidered Tulle

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US$ 1,010 /m per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd


Composition:  72% Polyester 28% Silk
Weight: 85 g/m²
Width: 130 cm
Manufacturer: Forster Rohner
Country: Switzerland
Categories: Dresses, Skirts

This ivory tulle fabric features lush botanical and floral embroidery in black, red and grey. The two patterns entwine creating an intriguing and romantic image. An ideal candidate for your next evening dress, it was created in Switzerland and stands for Swiss standard of quality.

Satin stitching is one of the most feminine stitching techniques that gives the final product a silky smooth finish. Impeccable both on the face side and on the reverse, this embroidered tulle is a pleasure to deal with. Whether used by itself or paired with other fabrics, our floral tulle will make the most lavish looks, from dresses and skirts to overlays on anything you would find fit.

Embroidered Tulle Fabric

Embroidered tulle fabric is a luxuriously designed cloth featuring sequins, beads, rhinestones, feathers, elegantly arranged threads or cording stitched onto a tulle backing. It is created by the leading European brands, such as Aldo Bianchi, Ruffo Coli, Forster Rohner, Solstiss, Jakob Schlaepfer, HOH and Sophie Hallette. Produced on the cutting edge machinery, such fabrics come in eye-catching designs and are impeccable from every angle. Sequin, beaded and applique tulle fabrics by Fair Lady are often decorated and embroidered by hand with the most complex décor.

Swiss, Austrian and French tulle fabrics can be laid over solid or printed silk, combined with lace or used for finishing corsets, waists, skirts and hems. Even a narrow strip of embroidered tulle imbues the dress with the vibe of luxury, which speaks volumes for its effect in a complete separate garment. Exclusive and breathtaking, they are regularly chosen by the world's iconic fashion houses.

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Fabric by the Yard: Measurement Conversion

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1 Metre = 1.0936 Yards

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