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Floral Appliqued Jacquard Organza

1,653 US$per one running metre
SKU: 00063255


Composition: 62% Polyester12% Acrylic11% Polyamide8% Metallic Fibers7% Silk
Weight:335 g/m²
Width:125 cm
Manufacturer:Jakob Schlaepfer
Suitable For:Dresses, Skirts


This ivory jacquard organza with a golden sheen boasts a mesmerizing floral applique in pastel blue. It is a fantasy creation by Jakob Schlaepfer, a Swiss manufacturer renowned for its constant experiments with fabrics. To ensure impeccable quality, the Swiss masters had to be very careful while attaching the laser-cut appliques in order not to pull or tighten the base. Turn this gorgeous organza into a designer dress, a full skirt or any fashion garment piece one can fancy.

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