Haute Couture Embroidered Silk Chiffon

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US$ 2,437 /m per one running meter

1 m =  1.1 yd


Composition:  40% Polyester 32% Silk 12% Metallic Fibers 11% Polyurethane 5% Polyamide
Weight: 142 g/m²
Width: 140 cm
Manufacturer: Jakob Schlaepfer
Country: Switzerland
Categories: Dresses, Jackets, Skirts

This haute couture fabric is a fantasy creation by Jakob Schlaepfer, one of the most famous Swiss manufacturers that is never tired of experimenting. The crushed silk chiffon is embroidered all over with silver laser-cut floral appliques. Laser cutting is a fabulous technology used for cutting cloths with extreme accuracy to give them perfectly sealed edges. Highly popular in the fashion industry, it is often chosen by Schlaepfer to produce one-in-a-million designs, just like this marvelous chiffon.

Our embroidered cloth is completely opaque and temptingly textured. Its silver color will look gorgeous in close-fitting dresses, skirts, tops and jackets. This high end design is also perfect for wedding gowns that will put you right in the spotlight.

Haute Couture Fabrics

Haute couture fabric is a luxurious type of cloth constructed by hand from start to finish with the application of high end materials and great attention to detail. Each single metre of couture fabrics requires lots of time and craftsmanship, which results in outstanding designs and exceptional quality. Referring to the women's fashion only, these fabrics make eye-catching dresses and show-stopping skirts.

Haute couture fabrics are traditionally represented by opulent embroidered tulles by Jakob Schaepfer, Forster Rohner and Aldo Bianchi, exquisite laces by HOH, Sophie Hallette and Riechers Marescot, etherial silks by Taroni, Ruffo Coli and other renowned European brands.

Embroidered Silk Fabric

Embroidered silk fabric is a luxurious type of cloth comprising various silks embellished with different embroidery, from floral appliques to glittering rhinestones, sequins and beads. Georgette, organza, chiffon – any type of silk can be embroidered. These exceptional fabrics are often chosen by the renowned haute couture designers which turn them into mind-blowing outfits.

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Fabric by the Yard: Measurement Conversion

All fabrics on our website are priced by the running meter. The term "running meter" or "linear meter" is used in the fabric industry. To convert meters to yards, use the conversion factor 0.9144. In other words,
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