Suiting Fabrics

Men’s suiting fabrics are used for suits, jackets, vests and trousers. Woven of wool, cotton, etc., they are ranked among the most popular fabrics when it comes to building a man’s wardrobe. Deciding which suiting fabric is best to buy depends on many factors, such as your age, status, purpose and income.

Fabrics of that type come in many weights and patterns. They differ in breathability, softness, luster, thickness and thread count. There are summer weights perfect for warmer seasons, as well as denser fabrics ideal for autumn/winter.

Types of Suiting Fabrics

The perfect suit starts with picking the right fabric. You also need a professional tailor to get a custom two or three-piece outfit that will fit your body shape. Still, the first step is to find the ideal suit cloth, and there are many options one can tap into.

Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool - Belgium (Worsted Wool 100%)
SKU: 00034691
1,112 US$
This Super 250’s worsted wool fabric features a shadow stripe pattern in a variety of dark grey shades. Ultrafine to the touch, it is defined by an unparalleled lustre and a full handle.
Silk & Worsted Wool #1
Silk & Worsted Wool - Belgium (Worsted Wool 50% Silk 50%)
SKU: 00034688
1,121 US$
This luxurious suiting fabric is a combination of Super 200’s worsted wool and silk. Exceptionally fine and lightweight, it features a blue stripe pattern on a grey background.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool - Italy (Worsted Wool 100%)
SKU: 00061234
56 US$
This dark blue Super 120's worsted wool fabric features an understated blue check pattern. Made of superior merino wool, this perfect yarn leads to the creation of the appropriate style be it an official or a more relaxed fit.


What are the types of fibers commonly found in fabrics for men’s suits?


Properties: A number-one choice for suits. Natural, breathable, absorbing, it makes all kinds of jackets and trousers – from lightweight to heavy.
Best For: Formal and casual worsted wool suits and vests, with the weight depending on the season. Durable and water-resistant, worsted wool is ideal for jackets and trousers in temperate climates.

Cashmere Blend
Properties: Soft, silky and lightweight, cashmere yarn is probably the best thing you can have next to your skin.
Best For: Cashmere might not be the right option for trousers given its softness and pliable nature, but it makes wonderful jackets.

Silk Blend
Properties: Silk suiting fabrics are smooth, fine and lightweight. They require much attention in terms of care. Silk also provides the fabric with a stunning luster.
Best For: Luxury suits for special events and hot climates. Silk can be used to line a suit.  

Linen Blend
Properties: Linen gives breathability and ultra-comfort in wear. This fiber wrinkles much but is ok with pressing.
Best For: Casual suits for summer, perfect for a relaxed event. Linen fabrics tend to be softer and suppler compared to cotton cloths.


Tissura presents a wide range of suiting fabrics. Choose classic Super 100's worsted wool for everyday use or extra-fine Super 250's intended for high-level events, cozy merino wool to precious cashmere and rare vicuña. At our online store, you can find suiting fabrics from the renowned European manufacturers:

  • Dormeuil (France);
  • Holland & Sherry (Great Britain);
  • Loro Piana (Italy);
  • Ermenegildo Zegna (Italy);
  • Luigi Colombo (Italy).

These manufacturers produce the collections suitable for any taste and occasion. You will find exactly what you need in terms of weave, design, composition and drape.


Special offers

Worsted Wool, Silk & Cashmere #1
Worsted Wool, Silk & Cashmere - France (Worsted Wool 82% Silk 10% Cashmere 8%)
SKU: 00042983
148 US$
104 US$
This elegant suiting fabric features a jacquard stripe pattern on a dark blue background. Soft and luminous, it is woven with high quality wool and silk, with a touch of cashmere for added comfort and luxury feel.
Linen & Worsted Wool #1
Linen & Worsted Wool - Great Britain (Linen 45% Worsted Wool 40% Techlana 15%)
SKU: 00052535
160 US$
This fine suiting fabric in dark lavender is a combination of strong linen and smooth worsted wool which give it a distinctive texture and a soft feel. It also contains Techlana – a unique lightweight and wrinkle-resistant fiber developed by Holland and Sherry, which makes the fabric durable and breathable.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool - France (Worsted Wool 100%)
SKU: 00042969
173 US$
121 US$
This striped suiting fabric is made of Super 130’s worsted wool. Crafted in a dark navy color, it is treated with a special finish to make it extra smooth and resistant to staining.


Scabal wool fabric collections

  • Diamond Chip
    The Diamond Chip includes two options: suiting fabrics and jacketing fabrics. This collection includes lightweight fabrics made of Super 150’s merino wool and natural silk. Tiny particles of precious diamonds blended into the fabric lend a soft sheen to the surface. The fabrics can be used both for jackets and trousers to be worn in spring/summer.
  • New Deluxe
    The New Deluxe collection features Super 100’s merino wool. The fabrics have a smooth feel, they are quite lightweight, yet durable. Woven in a prunelle weave, they are comfortable to wear and elegant at the same time.
  • Silk Cocktail
    This collection features suiting fabrics with a blend of camel hair and silk in pastel and eye-pleasing colors. The camel hair is highly durable and hypoallergic. Breathable and comfortable in wear, these fabrics are suitable for summer jackets.
  • Sleek Collection
    ​The Sleek Collection is made of Super 150’s merino wool and natural silk added for extra smoothness. Marked by a subtle sheen, these lightweight fabrics are cool and comfortable to wear in summer for a stylish business look.


Dormeuil wool fabric collections

  • Cashmere Supreme
    Cashmere Supreme is a collection for premium jackets and overcoats. It offers 100% cashmere fabrics, which is referred to as ‘Soft Gold’ or ‘Diamond Fiber’ for its warmth, softness and fine structure. A cashmere coat or jacket will keep you warm all season long.
  • British collection
    The British collection includes English flannel, Vintage fabrics and Sportex editions. These fabrics are made of worsted wool & worsted wool Super 120's. They feature an exclusive quarter milled finish and are delightfully soft to the touch. Ideal for comfortable suits to be worn in cool weather.
  • Ambassador
    This collection features Super 180’s wool fabric for a classic suit with ultimate comfort. These fabrics are durable and hard-wearing, with an excellent handle. Made in England, they feature a luxury drape, solid and patterned designs.
  • 15 Point 7
    This collection of luxury suiting fabrics offers 100% Super 160’s wool with classic designs. It is produced with 15.7 wool fibers made of merino wool sourced from New Zealand. An ideal choice for suits to be worn throughout the year.


Holland & Sherry wool fabric collections

  • Cashique
    The Cashique collection includes Super 160's worsted, cashmere and silk. The fabrics are natural, pleasant to the touch and super comfortable in wear. They feature smoothness and breathability. A perfect choice for elegant business suits and jackets.
  • Dragonfly
    The Dragonfly collection is a selection of checked and striped Super 150’s and Super 160’s wool fabrics designed for light jackets in hotter climate. These fabrics are comfortable in wear and feature an AquArrêt® finish. This unique technology gives a stain resistance to any liquids.
  • Sherry Silk
    The Sherry Silk collection offers a blend of Super 140’s merino wool and noble silk. They feature a soft handle and a subtle sheen. Durable and resilient, these fabrics are a good option for jacketing.
  • Target
    The Target collection comprises Super 120’s worsted wool fabrics. They are durable and resilient, smooth and soft to the touch. All these qualities make them an ideal choice for elegant and classy jackets, blazers and trousers.


Loro Piana wool fabric collections

  • Zelander® High Tenacity
    Zelander® High Tenacity is a selection of fabrics for travel wear and everyday use. Made from 100% worsted wool, these fabrics are designed for making jackets, trousers and raincoats. Soft and flexible, they feature a unique water-repellent Rain System®. This special technology protects fibers from rain, dust and dirt.
  • Tasmanian®
    The Tasmanian collection features Super 150’s wool fabrics for making jackets and trousers for all seasons. They are durable, hypoallergenic, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. It’s an elegant and versatile option in a climate-controlled environment.
  • S numbers
    Suiting fabrics feature an S number on the label. An S number means a short form of “Super”, and it points out the quality and the thickness of wool fibers. The better the wool, the higher the S number. Super refers to both pure wool and wool blends (with mohair, cashmere, alpaca and silk).

We offer a small guide to help you to make the right choice:

* Super 100-130 is for an everyday business suit including trousers and waistcoats which all the go. It’s safe and durable.

* Super 140-160 is perfect for a lightweight suit in the warm season.

* Super 180-250 is about a luxury style, a must-have for a black-tie look. It is the best quality wool.