Chantilly Lace Fabrics

Chantilly lace fabric is a type of bobbin lace traditionally created out of black threads and featuring floral or botanical patterns on a point d’esprit or net background. Its name originates from the city of Chantilly in France where such lace concept was firstly designed.

In the rank of fashionistas' preferences all over the world, this lace sort traditionally takes highest scores due to the fineness and complexity of patterns. Besides its elegance, the production process has always been complex too, that’s why this fabric is still widely perceived as a true luxury statement.

Traditionally, Chantilly lace fabric has been woven out of black silk threads, however, these days, it can be given any colour. This delicate material never ceases to exude its ineffable charm, and the world’s leading fashion houses regularly use it in their collections. However, this French lace sort would never enjoy even a bit of its present popularity if it was reserved for catwalks or special occasions only.

Although Chantilly lace is a surefire option for a bridal dress, it is always stunning for finishing your skirts, silk summer dresses or embellishing your lingerie.

Chantilly lace fabric

What Is Chantilly Lace in Detail?

In the past, Chantilly lace was woven manually out of dull grenadine silk threads on a big flat pillow, and in the beginning of the 20th century, the mechanical production took place. It is interesting how the pattern structure of this fabric has been evolving with times: in the 18th century, the pattern background had a rhombic grill shape called “point Chant” or “point de Paris”. It was formed by the intersection of one horizontal and two diagonal lines, all pointed in different directions. At the turn of the 19th century, it was replaced with the mesh structure that replicated Alençon lace and looked very similar to the Chantilly lace facets we have today.

That pattern ornament is called “point grille” that is woven with varying density in different parts of the ornament to obtain a particular depth and volume. Its compositional structure is typically about elaborately woven flower bouquets (most commonly, roses, tulips, poppies, irises, campanulas or bindweeds) arranged in a chess order. Scalloped edges are the indispensable attribute of Chantilly lace, too. All the patterns are outlined with a denser silk thread, also known as “point marriage”/”vitre”/”cinq trou”. The outlining cord is quite fine to provide the lace softness and delicacy.

Chantilly lace pattern

These fabrics can be embellished with drifts of sequins, metallic or nonmetallic threads and special dyeing. One of the most impressive dyeing techniques is called “sfumato” creating a shaded effect and smooth colour transition.

Exclusive Lace Range

Without a doubt, Chantilly lace is self-sufficient in a sense in most cases you probably won’t even think of adorning your lacy outfit with any complimentary embellishments. The photos of celebrities annually appearing on the web prove that statement perfectly, as a solid one-piece lace dress appears to be more than enough for a stylish and elegant look. Who said, however, that a popular actress’ choice for the red carpet ceremony is the limit of designer’s fantasy? Perhaps, it’s the time to break the stereotypes and evoke your artistic vision.

Classic Chantilly lace is definitely the emanation of elegance and femininity, but the truth is you can go far beyond the buzz of mass culture and opt for something completely unique, mesmeric and breathtaking. What about high fashion Chantilly lace featuring corded outlines, bead, buggle, laser-cut appliqués, Swarovski crystal embroidery or the stylish combination of lace with fabric? Such options look particularly appealing as you can give your look a certain unique and luxury edge with them, remaining dressed one-of-a-kind.

chantilly lace dress

Here is one important nuance that has to be clarified: typically, exclusive Chantilly lace fabric designs have little to do with tasteless ostentatious luxury in the spirit of Italian sportscars covered all-over with rhinestones. Created by the most ingenious minds of the European fashion design school, on the mills of such legendary brands as Solstiss, Forster Rohner, Jakob Schlaepfer, Sophie Hallette, Riechers Marescot, Ruffo Coli, and Aldo Bianchi, they are thoughtfully designed with each and single decorative element placed exactly where it is supposed to be. As a result, exclusive Chantilly lace becomes not only a luxury statement, but a true chef-d’oeuvre from an artistic point of view. Just as a classic Chantilly lace, it looks amazing both as the fabric for a one-piece dress and as an adorning inlay.

What to Pair This Lace with?

Again, Chantilly lace is a decently self-sufficient fabric for a one-piece dress. At the same time, it makes dozens of versatile combinations with various outfits, sometimes rather unexpected ones. If you want to get the most out of lace designs, see some of the best combinations in the table 1:

Table 1. Chantilly lace combinations

Lace garment/footwear

Matching garment

Matching footwear & accessories

evening dress

nothing more is needed

jewellery, tone-on-tone shoes, a clutch bag

vibrant dresses

nothing more is needed

go for neutral accessories. Just footwear and a handbag will be enough

summer dress

in colder seasons, pair it with a summer coat, jacket, coarse jacket, cardigan, and a trench coat

minimalistic eco-style accessories or ethnic hippie-style bracelets, hats and belts


leather trousers, solid leggings, silk skirt

Footwear: Wedge sandals, cut-out heels, high heel sandals, slingback heels

Accessories: Beaded clutch bag, bracelet, diamond necklace/earrings

sleeves, shoulder straps, belts, frills

cocktail/evening dress, T-shirt, leggings

body tops

formal black/sports trousers, black mermaid skirt, full satin skirt


jeans, blouse



solid T-shirt, volumetric sweater, patterned blouse

ankle strap heels, high heel boots

coarse/bomber jacket

jeans, T-shirt

tone-on-tone sneakers

Tissura Collection

The regular collection of Chantilly lace fabrics and trims at Tissura comprises more than 500 types coming in various colourways:

  1. black for the aficionados of authentic Chantilly lace,
  2. a large palette of pastel and vivid shades for those impressed by the patterns and general delicacy of this lace sort as it is.

The fashionista who wants to look unique and buy lace fabrics should browse the selection of degrade and sequined ribboned Chantilly lace at Tissura. If the main desired feature is smoothness and airiness, silk Chantilly lace will be a great option.

Tissura cooperates with world-renowned lace manufacturers, such as:

  1. Riechers Marescot (France)
  2. Solstiss Sa (France)
  3. Sophie Hallette (France)
  4. HOH (Austria)
  5. Kawaii Lace (Japan)
  6. Marco Lagattolla (Italy).

These brands are widely known as the suppliers of leading European fashion houses, which speaks volumes about their standards of quality. Tissura collection of Chantilly laces boasts with the fabrics represented below:

French Chantilly lace fabric

Chantilly lace fabric, 197 US$ (159 €) per one running metre

Chantilly lace fabric

Chantilly lace fabric, 239 US$ (185 €) per one running metre

Chantilly lace fabric

Chantilly lace fabric, 101 US$ (78 €) per one running metre

chantilly lace fabric

Chantilly lace fabric, 107 US$ (83 €) per one running metre

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