Chiffon Fabrics

Chiffon fabric is an airy, sheer plain weave cloth created out of highly twisted filament yarns. Such technology provides exceptional fineness and a slightly textured hand. Most commonly made of silk, it is used both for special occasion and casual outfits, such as dresses, skirts and blouses, all especially popular in summer.

Despite its airiness (17-50 g/m 2), chiffon is worn not only in summer, but the whole year round. Its popularity is explained by a number of its awesome properties, such as elegant drape, soft touch and moderate sheen. Chiffon fabric can be woven from natural fibres, like silk or cotton, or man-made fibers, like viscose. Traditionally, silk chiffon appears to be the most luxury, precious and renowned sort.

Silk chiffon fabric collection at Tissura online store

Popular Types

There is a rule in the fashion world: the more popular this or that kind of fabric is, the more types of it emerge with time. Given the enormous popularity of chiffon, there’s no surprise it comes in various sorts. The most luxury ones are represented in the table 1:

Table 1. Chiffon fabric types and properties

chiffon type


clothing ideas

Silk crepe chiffon

Voluminous, opaque, thin, slightly crispy, grainy texture

Lightweight and airy dresses, skirts, costumes, decorative finishings

Jacquard chiffon

Thin, airy, opaque, weighty, smooth, drapable

Scarves, stoles, designer clothing, exquisite wedding dresses

Double faced chiffon

Has two contrast layers

Dresses, skirts, blouses

Silk satin chiffon

Lightweight, transparent, glossy finish on one side

Evening and prom dresses, blouses, skirts

Chameleon chiffon

Iridescent, transparent, impressive

Dresses, blouses, airy skirts, pyjamas, stoles, scarves, dancer and scenic costumes

Chiffon with coating

A golden or silver coating produces a prominent sheen

Evening dresses, blouses

Pearl chiffon

Chiffon fabric featuring pearly shades

Dancer costumes

Chiffon with lurex

Sheer, glistening, airy

Insets, upper layers of dresses and blouses

Pros and Cons

Soft, airy and sheer… These are the properties most fashionistas value chiffon fabrics for. At the same time, these textiles deserve much more to know about. Let’s review their positive and negative sides:


  1. Hypoallergency. Silk and cotton fibres are natural and feel sumptuous against your skin.

  2. Air permeability. Regardless of the fibre type, chiffon is created with a plain weave always providing good ventilation properties.

  3. Hygroscopicity. It absorbs water well and lets your skin breathe.

  4. Softness. Chiffon feels tender against your body and creates soft silhouettes.

  5. Drapability. As follows from the previous feature, soft chiffon structure makes elegant drapes.

  6. Body temperature retaining. Silk fibres have outstanding thermoregulation properties, even in case of rather loose crepe-like weave.

  7. Resistance to tearing. This is a typical feature of cotton chiffon fabrics.

  8. Feminine and elegant. Sheer, flowy and tender, it is definitely one of the chicest textiles, imbuing any woman with a particular grace.


  1. Difficulty in processing. Chiffon fabrics tend to slide around and shift during sewing. Unprocessed sections of chiffon quickly begin to fray.

  2. Low durability. This point applies to silk and viscose. Such fabric can easily wear out or get snagged if treated inaccurately or washed using the wrong washing programme. To extend your garment life, use a lining or backing.

  3. Sunlight intolerance. If regularly subjected to ultraviolet, it can fade off.

  4. Demanding in care. To save your chiffon piece of clothing, you have to observe many conditions.

red chiffon fabric

What Types of Clothing Can You Create?

Having reviewed outstanding chiffon properties, we see no surprise these fabrics enjoy high popularity when sewn into various pieces of clothing and accessories:

  • dresses (evening, wedding, summer dresses)
  • blouses
  • shirts
  • skirts
  • scarves
  • stoles
  • pareo
  • trousers
  • cardigans
  • vests.

chiffon fabric

Tissura Collection

The collection of chiffon fabrics at Tissura is intended to impress the most refined fashionista. It comprises hundreds of solid and patterned textiles by the leading manufacturers from Italy (Taroni, Etro, Carnet, Ruffo Coli, Luigi Verga), Switzerland (Jakob Schlaepfer) and France (Sfate & Combier, Belinac). Our collection is regular, which means it gets constantly updated as soon as the manufacturer develops a new fabric design, often before the official release.

Check out our range to select from the following types of chiffon fabrics to buy online:

  • silk chiffon degrade/ombre
  • shot silk chiffon
  • satin chiffon
  • stretch satin chiffon
  • silk chiffon devore
  • crushed silk chiffon.

The pictures below will help you get a general idea of our chiffon range. To see the entire collection at Tissura, click on the corresponding button below:

Silk chiffon

Silk chiffon fabric, 115 € (149 US$) per one running metre

Silk chiffon fabric

Silk chiffon fabric, 145 € (188 US$) per one running metre

Silk chiffon fabric

Silk chiffon fabric, 145 € (174 US$) per one running metre

Silk chiffon degrade

Silk chiffon degrade fabric, 90 € (117 US$) per one running metre

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