Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabric is a type of natural cloth created out of the cotton plant fibres. Coming in a wide range of weaves, it is the most versatile and popular fabric in the world.

It is so widespread that many people tend to perceive cotton as the fabric that has been around us for many centuries. According to historians, cotton originates from India (the first dating is about 3,250-2,750 BC), however, some archaeologists argue it came from Egypt (2,500 BE). In Europe, cotton has been known since 350 BC, however, for most of the time its usage was limited until the industrial revolution in Great Britain in the 1770s.

The emergence of mass textile production has much contributed to the popularity of cotton fabric. Long before the invention of synthetic fibres, cotton was people's favourite even compared to wool and linen. What was the reason for such maze and why do we still keep loving it? It's all thanks to the unique properties of cotton fibres.

cotton fabric

Cotton Properties

At all times, cotton fabrics stayed out of the crowd with the combination of cotton fibre properties. As the sewing technologies have been evolving, the new cotton weave types came on stage, each bringing some particular features. These days, there are more than 60 of them. In the table 1 below, we have narrowed the scope of fabrics suitable for fashion clothing up to 12 types:

Table 1. Cotton fabric types properties and applications

cotton fabric type




thin yet durable, soft, hypoallergic, hygroscopic, crispy, quite light

blouses, dresses, skirts, nightgowns and underlining for wedding gowns


airy, sheer, soft, smooth and untextured surface, crisp finish

summer dresses, skirts, blouses


good shape resistance, ventilation and moisture absorption

blouses, dresses, skirts, and finishing


breathable, durable, non-creasing, easy to work with, lightweight, warmth-retaining

petticoats, carnival and scenic costumes, finishing


body warmth retaining, moisture absorbing, hypoallergenic, soft, smooth, and easy to cut

summer dresses, blouses and morning gowns


semi-sheer, breathable, moisture-absorbing, fine, durable, hypoallergenic

blouses, shirts, casual summer dresses, lingerie, light and warm sweaters, shawls, trousers and shorts


light, breathable, durable

suits, shorts, shirts, dresses


lightweight, airy, and slightly crinkled

petticoats, full skirts, dresses


Lightweight, thin, chequered patterns, prone to 10 % shrinking

shirts, dresses, jackets, shirts


durable, breathable, hypoallergenic, drapable, easily washable, non-wrinkling, dust-proof

summer pants, suits, skirts, and dresses


sheer, lightweight, volumetric yet breathable if gathered, wrinkly

summer dresses, blouses, shirts and skirts


soft, durable, pleasantly textured, skin-friendly, moisture-absorbing, and dye-retaining

dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets, trousers

So, the most common features for all cotton fabrics are:

  • breathability
  • softness
  • durability
  • easy wash and care
  • hypoallergency

The great variety of cotton fabric weaves makes it suitable both for men and women. For their shirts, jackets and trousers, men typically prefer poplin, voile, twill, jacquard, seersucker, madras and stretch cotton. These fabrics are great both for formal and casual suits.

cotton fabrics

Women often buy online cotton batiste, lawn, organdy, muslin and gauze fabrics. Blouses, dresses, skirts, summer and morning outfits — the range of fashion ideas with this natural fabric is endless.

Cotton Fibre Sorts

Long staple cotton is characterized by exceptional physical properties. The table below contains infromation about the most luxury cotton sorts:

Table 2. The properties of long and extra long cotton fibre sorts

cotton sort

length type




Giza 45



1.2 dtex

very fine, smooth hand feel

Giza 87



1.8 dtex

silky, durable, extraordinary soft




2.1-2.2 dtex

extra long staple length, fine uniform texture, great tensile strength, silky lustre and an extraordinarily soft feel

Sea Island


West India, eastern Carribbean islands

1.0-1.1 dtex

soft, silky, durable, reminding of matt silk

The most precious and expensive cotton sort is Sea Island, which is often compared with silk for its fineness and tender hand. Originally, it came from the Caribbean archipelago. With the growing demand for outstanding Sea Island cotton, the local production capacity depleted, and it was shifted to West India — the region with similar climate conditions, which appeared to be ideal for Sea Island cotton.

cotton plant

Some fabric connoisseurs are not ready to recognise its leadership, considering Giza 45 as the sort with no less impressive properties. And for a reason: even though the Egyptian cotton fibres are shorter, they give a way higher yarn count number: 300s of Giza 45 compared to only 140s of the Sea Island sort. Which means you don't have to limit yourself to Sea Island cotton when planning to buy a cotton fabric online.

Cotton fabric collection at Tissura

Tissura Collection

At Tissura, you can buy online cotton fabrics made of long and extra-long staple cotton of supreme quality. Our collection is constantly updated as soon as our suppliers release new fabrics. Sometimes we even get them long before the official launch on the market!

Tissura carries a wide selection of fabrics from iconic European cotton producers:

  • Cotonificio Albini (Italy)
  • Thomas Mason (Italy)
  • Leggiuno (Italy)
  • Fabric Lab (Italy)
  • Carnet (Italy)
  • Etro (Italy)
  • Hausammann (Switzerland)
  • Liberty (Great Britain).

These brands are favoured by the world’s leading fashion houses. Click on the button below the pictures to see the whole collection of luxury cotton fabrics at Tissura.

Embroidered cotton poplin

Embroidered cotton poplin fabric, 74 € (96 US$) per one running metre

Stretch cotton sateen

Stretch cotton sateen fabric, 57 € (74 US$) per one running metre

Embroidered cotton poplin, 74 € (74 US$) per one running metre

Embroidered cotton poplin fabric, 74 € (96 US$) per one running metre

Cotton lawn fabric

Cotton lawn fabric, 32 € (42 US$) per one running metre

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