Georgette Fabrics

Georgette fabric is a lightweight, semi-sheer cloth with a grainy feel. Strong and tear-resistant, it is easily dyed in any colors and is one of the most popular fabrics for printing. Georgette cloth is woven in highly twisted yarns, which makes it slightly rough to the touch.

The fabric is named after Madame Georgette de la Plante, a renowned fashion dressmaker who lived at the beginning of the 20 th century. A contemporary of Coco Chanel, she introduced it into the world of fashion by creating dresses and gowns with a distinctive ‘net finish’. Georgette was originally made from silk, but nowadays it is also produced using synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers. The average weight varies from 30 to 80 g/m2.

georgette fabric with a floral pattern

Varieties of Georgette Fabric

Georgette fabric comes in many forms. The most expensive one is made of 100% silk. Viscose and polyester georgettes are cheaper and less breathable that natural silk. However, the type of fibers used to weave georgette is not the only thing that makes a difference. Here are some of the varieties you might find in shops:

  1. Georgette – a traditional type of georgette, sheer and grainy. Also referred to as Crepe Georgette Fabric.
  2. Jacquard Georgette – a type of fabric woven on a jacquard loom. Jacquard patterns are very stable, strong and durable compared to prints.
  3. Embroidered Georgette – embellished with sequins, beadwork or threads.
  4. Satin Georgette – a heavier type of georgette constructed in a satin weave. It is fluid and has a lovely sheen.
  5. Stretch Georgette – contains elastane, spandex or lycra for a stretch effect.
  6. Double Georgette – a denser, but still translucent type of georgette.
  7. Poly Georgette – the abbreviation of ‘polyester georgette’.

Just like all lightweight fabrics, georgette is designed in a wide range of prints and colors. Whatever you’re looking for, we bet you’ll find it in georgette quality: florals or botanicals, geometric or abstract shapes, animal or conversational patterns, and much more. Solid georgette fabric is no less awesome. Modern shops carry a huge selection of colors, shades and tints for you to choose from.

A quick tip: 100% silk georgette fabric is excellent at retaining color pigments, so if you pick natural fibers over synthetics, you’ll get lots of benefits. Read on to find which ones!

Benefits of Silk Georgette

Since georgette can be made of all kinds of fibers, its properties and wearability vary a bit. If you prefer to wear natural fabrics, silk georgette would be your go-to option. What makes it so perfect, after all?

  1. Silk georgette is a breathable, all-climate fabric. You can wear it all year round, but it’s especially gorgeous in spring and summer when we tend to go for lightweight materials.
  2. Due to high absorbency, silk fabrics feature the most vibrant prints and colors. Plus, they are colorfast. Oh, and they also dry quickly!
  3. Silk georgette has an outstanding bouncy drape. Thanks to that, it is equally suitable for tailoring separate items like dresses, tops or skirts, as well as for layering over other garments.
  4. Silk georgette material is very strong. It can be damaged, of course, but it’s more stable compared to chiffon, and you can even embroider on it!
  5. When made from silk, georgette becomes really crease-resistant.
  6. Silk fabric repels mildew, mold and dust, which means it is easy to store.
  7. Silk is hypoallergenic. No further explanation needed.

Silk georgette costs more than similar fabrics made of artificial fibers. However, now you know exactly what you’re paying for: at the end of the day, no other fiber will feel as pleasant against one’s skin as silk.

Difference Between Georgette and Chiffon

Are you having difficulties saying which one is which? Don’t worry, there are many people in the world who do not see any difference between these similar fabrics. This guide is here to help you dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Table 1. The difference between georgette and chiffon





30-80 g/m2

20-50 g/m2


Semi-sheer or opaque



Less soft, rougher to the touch

Softer finish



Has more sheen


Springy, bouncy



Stronger and more durable

Less durable

Both fabrics are favoured by fashion designers for their light weight and ability to drape. If you need something more opaque, try silk crepe de chine fabric. It’s a nice alternative to georgette, because it is not translucent and has a softer hand.

Faux georgette is a type of georgette made of rayon or polyester. It has a rough feel compared to silk fabric and is substantially cheaper.

Fashion Uses of Georgette Fabric

Still wonder why fashion designers and tailors love georgette? Being versatile and adaptable, this fabric gives you literally a million ways to use it! Unlike chiffon, it is not so sheer which makes it highly suitable for more conservative women who prefer not to flash their curves. It is also very clingy, so everybody can wear it regardless of their weight and body shape. You may see this fabric everywhere – in everyday blouses and tunics, in summer dresses and skirts, in bridal wear and Indian sarees. Yes, georgette is one of the most popular choices for sarees because it is strong, non-sheer and vivid!

Georgette has a high tensile strength, which means it holds embroidery well. This is another advantage, since you are free to decorate your fabric exactly the way you want without wasting time on shopping for the right kind of material.

The main use for georgette fabric is women’s apparel. Traditionally it was worn by the royal families only, but the invention of artificial fibers made it considerably cheaper and more available to public.

So, what can you make with georgette cloth?

  1. Blouses
  2. Dresses
  3. Gowns
  4. Shirts
  5. Flared skirts
  6. Sarees (or saris)
  7. Tunics and salwar kameez
  8. Salwar suits
  9. Evening wear
  10. Bridal wear
  11. Lining
  12. Scarves, shawls and stoles
  13. Veils
  14. Bows
  15. Waist belts, etc.

Another common application for this fine fabric includes layering. Since georgette is very thin, it can be layered over or underneath the garment without adding unnecessary weight. Many fashion designers use it to create layered clothing because it is not bulky.

Georgette Fabric Dresses

How about some ideas for georgette dress styles? There are more than a dozen options you can create using this lightweight fabric. Remember though that it is kind of slippery, so if you’re set to sew a new item on your own, make sure you’ve practiced enough not to damage this fine material.

Here’s our brainstorm list of dresses that can be made with georgette:

  • A fit-and-flare sleeveless dress with neck darts
  • A V-neck maxi dress with matching waistband
  • A midi dress with a box pleated skirt
  • A long sleeve button up shirtdress
  • A round neck dress with drop hemline
  • A mini full cut dress with beads along the neck
  • An evening gown with an asymmetric skirt
  • A tiered cocktail dress, etc.

Georgette does not stretch, so opt for flowy, loose shapes. If you want your dress to be more on the clingy side, choose stretch georgettes with some elastane.

What to do next? Select the color (if you’re going down the ‘plain’ road) or the print (so hard sometimes given all these choices!), prepare your sewing tools and set off on a design journey!

White georgette fabric

Spring/Summer 2019 Print Trends for Georgette

If you are an active fashion follower, you’re already familiar with the main trends of the upcoming spring/summer season. For those who have missed, have a look at the list of patterns every fashionista will most likely stick to:


This year you get to choose between leopard, snakeskin and tiger. Animal print georgette dresses can be quite casual or, on the contrary, party-like. Experiment with lengths and cuts to find the most comfortable pattern for your body.


Choose between pure checks or checks mixed with florals for a romantic twist. Lightweight georgette tops and blouses with a check print are ideal for a stroll in the park, an evening with your friends, or a visit to an art gallery.


They never go out of fashion, do they? Vertical, horizontal, diagonal… There are many varieties revisited by fashion designers over and over again. Striped georgette fabric will make amazing wide-leg pants, stylish blouses or fancy shirts.

Polka Dots

This timeless pattern is also one of the favourite trends in the coming season. Try monochromatic combinations (black-and-white) or vibrant duos to set the mood for your summer wardrobe. Think dotted and spotted dresses, pinafores, tunics and blouses.


Abstract splashes of colors are among the brand new fashion trends for the warm season. If you’re not a fan of abstract art, try shading instead: degrade and ombre effects look stunning in long skirts and maxi dresses.


The feather trend has been gaining popularity since Autumn/Winter 2018. Many fashion designers use real feathers to decorate dresses, jackets and boots. If you like it plain, skip extra decoration and go for a feather printed georgette fabric.


So feminine, floral patterns look stunning on flowy fabrics. Set your imagination free and create the most ethereal looks with floral print georgette – it is so drapey and floaty, you won’t be able to stop! In 2018, micro flowers are all the rage, with large flower patterns waiting meanwhile patiently round the corner.

silk georgette dress


If you prefer botanicals to florals, you’ll be happy with this fashion trend. Choose hibiscus and palm leave print georgette to enliven your closet – tropical prints are definitely an eye-catcher. They are synonymous to summer, and the color palette is so bold and rich!

How to Care for Georgette

As a rule, georgette dress material is easy to take care of. Stronger than silk chiffon fabric, it is still a lightweight cloth and can be damaged if not shown enough TLC.

Most types can be hand washed in cold water and dry cleaned when necessary. If you’re a proud owner of silk georgette, you’ll have to be more careful. If possible, turn to dry-cleaner’s services because cleaning professionals always know what to do best.

If you wash your georgette dress or skirt at home, use a mild detergent and be careful not to stretch it. Georgette garments should be hung to dry in the shade, away from direct sunlight, or the colors can fade a little.

Silk Georgette Manufacturers at Tissura

Where do some of the best georgette fabrics come from? Europe. The most famous manufacturers specializing in the production of this fabric are based in Italy and Switzerland. Tissura carries a large stock of 100% silk georgette materials, both in solid colors and prints. Find your favorite hues and patterns in the selections by:

  1. Belinac, Italy – solid colors
  2. Binda, Italy – paisley and floral prints
  3. Carnet, Italy – florals, polka dot prints
  4. Frontline, Switzerland – animal patterns
  5. Liberty, Great Britain – floral prints
  6. Luigi Verga, Italy – floral and checked prints, abstract shapes
  7. Ruffo Coli, Italy – floral, abstract, geometrical prints
  8. Taroni, Italy – solid colors
  9. Jakob Schlaepfer, Switzerland – florals, botanicals, tropical prints, stripes, abstract patterns

All these silk georgettes are high quality colorfast materials that lend themselves to any design, from a lightweight blouse to a tiered dress.

Jakob Schlaepfer also offers embroidered silk georgette, ideal for luxury outfits, evening gowns, prom dresses and other couture style apparel.

Some of the most impressive silk georgette fabrics to buy online at Tissura are placed below. To find the whole silk georgette collection, click on the button under the pictures.

silk georgette fabric

Silk georgette fabric, 105 € (136 US$) per one running metre;

silk georgette fabric

Silk georgette fabric, 145 € (188 US$) per one running metre;

Silk georgette fabric

Silk georgette fabric, 182 € (236 US$) per one running metre;

georgette fabric

Silk georgette fabric, 160 € (207 US$) per one running metre.

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