Merino Wool Fabrics

What is Merino Wool Fabric?

Merino wool fabric is the versatile, natural and warm fabric made from Merino sheep wool. A brilliant result of evolution and selective breeding, Merino wool is exquisitely soft, skin-friendly and suitable for any project. This is what lies at the heart of this well-loved universal fiber used for a wide range of products – from comfy blankets to superfine wool lace.

Once worn only by royalty, Merino wool fabrics are now an accessible luxury. And they know no equals in the number of benefits and advantages, if compared with lots of wool fabrics available online these days.

Merino wool sheep

Merino Wool Fabrics Top 5 Properties

  1. Soft. Merino wool proves to be delightfully soft due to its fineness. It ranges from 14.5 to 23.5 microns, while a human hair is 30 microns thick! Fine Merino wool fiber can bend much more than coarser wool fibers. High quality Merino wool fabric doesn’t require any softener or conditioner. It is 3 times softer than natural silk.

  2. Elastic. Merino wool fabrics let the body move freely thanks to their molecular structure. The fiber may be safely stretched from 25 to 30% of its natural length. It will regain its original shape after stretching up to 50% of length when wet! You’ll be surprised to know that Merino wool is 5 times more elastic than cotton.

  3. Absorbent. Known for its moisture-wicking qualities, Merino is also water-repellent. It soaks up to 30% of its weight still feeling dry because of the fiber scale structure. Wool is perfect for any climate type and weather conditions as it absorbs moisture from the humid environment and releases it to the drier atmosphere.

  4. Warm and Cool. As Merino wool fabrics have low heat conductivity, they feel like they have in-built climate control. Tiny scales on the fiber surface and the crimp in the fiber create ‘air pockets’ that keep you warm when it’s cold outside and cool when the weather is hot. A natural insulator, wool is worn by Bedouins in Sahara Desert and used in mattress-making for the same purpose – body temperature regulation.

  5. Hypoallergenic. It is well-known that Merino wool is beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers. Recent medical research shows that fine Merino wool garments worn next to the skin are a natural remedy against eczema. They act as ‘second skin’ and stabilize the humidity level and the micro-climate of the skin surface. They reduce such symptoms as itch, skin redness and rush, especially in children and people with dermatological problems.

  • As Merino fiber creates an anti-microbial environment, it is not prone to emanating unpleasant odors.

  • Pliable, elastic and resilient, Merino wool clothes resist wrinkles and drape well.

  • Merino wool absorbs moisture vapor. This is the reason why it is static resistant and flame retardant.

  • Merino is a 100% natural and renewable sustainable resource. It is also biodegradable, organic and environmentally-friendly.

Merino Wool: a Suiting Fabric

Merino Wool is a perfect all-year-round suiting fabric. Effortlessly elegant and sleek, it can be tailored to fit every body shape. Designers love Merino for its natural drape and handle and the wide variety of weights, styles and weaves it has to offer. Tailors are delighted to work with Merino suiting fabrics as they are so easy to cut and iron, besides they won’t fray or crush with handling.

Merino suiting is for those who admire quality and innovation, unique textures and finishes.

To discover the world of premium suiting fabrics, get yourself familiar with such renowned producers as Scabal, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Holland & Sherry and Loro Piana, to name just a few.

Merino wool suit

Tissura Collection

Tissura collection of merino wool fabrics comprises hundreds textiles varying by different criteria. The most basic one is probably the type of weave. At our online shop, you can find the following types:

  • Worsted wool
  • Wool crepe / double faced wool crepe
  • Wool twill
  • Wool jersey knit / wool ribbed jersey knit / double wool jersey knit
  • Virgin wool
  • Wool jacquard
  • Metallic wool crepe
  • Double faced wool flannel
  • Stretch wool / double faced stretch wool
  • Wool boucle
  • Wool & cashmere

To provide you with the freedom of fabric selection has always been one of our top priorities, that’s why our merino wool range includes fabrics featuring various colourways, designs and prints. We partner with the leading European wool producers from Italy, France, Belgium, and the UK, whose textiles have always been regarded as the most luxurious in the industry.

At Tissura, you can buy online Merino wool fabrics coming in regular collections, which means that we regularly update our collections as soon as the manufacturer launches a new line.

To get a general impression of our assortment, have a look at the fabrics below. To see the whole merino wool selection, click on the corresponding button:

Merino worsted wool

Worsted wool fabric, 112 € (145 US$) per one running metre

Merino wool jacquard fabric

Jacquard wool fabric, 150 € (195 US$) per one running metre

double faced wool flannel fabric

Double faced wool flannel fabric, 143 € (185 US$) per one running metre

merino wool fabric

Merino wool twill fabric, 63 € (82 US$) per one running metre

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