Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta is a smooth and crisp plain woven fabric. It is often made of silk and has an unparalleled iridescent sheen. Taffeta is a high-end fabric mostly used for making luxurious evening gowns, corsets, jackets, skirts, blouses, coats, interior decorations and curtains.

Some might associate it with an 18-th century Madame de Pompadour-inspired sumptuous frock or Princess Diana’s red carpet glamour. Apparently, taffeta makes a display of power and wealth and has always been a royal attribute. But it’s also a fashion Cinderella that definitely has its moments. Think Dior's iconic taffeta evening dress with small off-the-shoulder sleeves and a bouffant skirt. Carolina Herrera, Cristobal Balenciaga and even Coco Chanel took the advantage of this expressive fabric many a time. Taffeta fabric is so pliable and inspiring that one can make a real sculpture out of it. Dreaming of a pleated taffeta maxi skirt or a mermaid taffeta prom dress? It’s time to dare it!

The collection of silk taffeta fabrics at Tissura Online Store

Types of Taffeta Fabrics

Derived from a Persian word, which means ‘twisted woven’, taffeta is also a tightly woven fabric consisting of high-twist yarn. It has various kinds and types from opaque to sheer, from glossy to matt. Silk taffeta can be yarn-dyed and piece-dyed. Yarn-dyed taffeta is the stiffer of the two and is used for special occasion clothing. The piece-dyed taffeta is softer, it is used in linings. Some taffeta fabrics are extremely lightweight (45 g/m²), some are medium weight (150 g/m²). But they all are beautiful and slippery smooth.

Taffeta fabrics

The most famous kinds of taffeta are:

  1. Paper Taffeta.It got its name for very thin nature, crisp paper-like finish and a light weight.
  2. Taffeta Lamé. The fabric is mostly characterized by a subtle metallic sheen. Lame fabrics make perfect folds and pleats and are most suitable for creating sculptured shapes.
  3. Ombré Silk Taffeta. This kind of taffeta fabric is designed with an ombre effect, with colors flowing from one to another. Ombre fabrics are best suited for floor-length skirts and maxi dresses since you can enjoy the change of color.
  4. Fil Coupé Taffeta. It often has a jacquard design and shiny yarn blended into the weave. Metallic fil coupe lends the fabric a hypnotizing lustre. Style this kind of silky smooth taffeta into one of those mind-blowing dresses, often seen on fashion catwalks.
  5. Double Faced Taffeta. This kind looks amazing sewn into a funky two-colored piece of clothing.
  6. Moiré Taffeta. It has a wavy, watermark pattern. This effect may result from the weave or the pattern. The signature look of ‘watered silk’ can also be caused by running the fabric through engraved copper rollers.
  7. Faille Taffeta. It is woven mostly with staple natural fibers in a rib weave.
  8. Stretch Silk Taffeta. This kind has a touch of elastane blended into the weave, which ensures a perfect fit for a comfortable wear. Use it for fitted and semi-fitted styles.
  9. Shot Silk Taffeta also known as 'Changeant' or 'Changeable Taffeta'. This fabric boasts an iridescent gleam due to the warp and weft that come in different colors. Shot silk taffeta was popular with the noblemen in the 18-th and 19-th century. It is a great choice for special occasion wear, full skirts, trench coats and jackets.
  10. Embroidered Taffeta. This exquisite taffeta is delicately embroidered with soutache cord, sequins, beads and whatever a producer fancies to use. A leap of imagination, this fabric might be more expensive but is definitely worth it.

taffeta fabric

Top Taffeta Producers

  • Some of the greatest taffeta fabrics are produced by Belinac, a French fabric manufacturer from Saint-Etienne with more than a century-old history of silk production.
  • Durable shot silk taffeta is made by Frontline, a preeminent Swiss manufacturer of high fashion silk fabrics, regularly selected by the world’s leading fashion houses.
  • Rare silk shantung taffeta can be found at Carnet, a distinguished Italian manufacturer of high-end fabrics, whose production is traditionally associated with the highest level of craftsmanship and the charming vibe of Italian luxury.
  • Patterned taffeta is the speciality of Taroni, a major Italian producer of silk fabrics commonly associated with luxury, elegance and exceptional quality all around the globe.
  • Looking for stretch silk taffeta? It is crafted by Ruffo Coli, a renowned manufacturer of haute couture and prêt-a-porter fabrics based in Italy.
  • Sequined taffeta masterpieces are the luxury by the Swiss producer Jakob Schlaepfer, one of the most innovative fabric manufacturers that use high quality materials and advanced technologies.

Tissura Collection

Want to enjoy the regular collections by the top European fabric brands listed above? Buy taffeta fabrics at our online fabric store! The taffeta selection in Tissura is vastly extensive, as it comprises fabrics for any taste: solid and printed, coming in vibrant and pastel colourways, as well as featuring different effects — jacquard, ombre, shot, and double-faced.

Check out some stunning designs in the selection below:

silk taffeta

Silk mikado fabric, 178 US$ (145 €) per one running metre

silk taffeta

Silk taffeta fabric, 67 US$ (54 €) per one running metre

Silk mikado fabric

Silk mikado fabric, 178 US$ (145 €) per one running metre

Double faced silk taffeta

Double faced silk taffeta, 148 US$ (120 €) per one running metre

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