Tulle Fabrics

Tulle is a lightweight mesh fabric that has a sheer netlike or patterned structure. It is easy to dye and comes in multiple color variations. Our tulle is mostly 160-180 cm wide and has a weight of 14 g/m². This delicate and gaudy fabric is used for finishing and separate garments.

Tulle fabrics are a perfect pick for evening dresses, wedding attire and even gift packaging.

wedding tulle fabric

Originally made from 100% silk, tulle is now also made from:

  1. silk blends
  2. cotton
  3. nylon
  4. rayon
  5. acetate.

Some producers add elastane for a comfortable stretch. The stiffness of tulle depends on the fiber and weave. Starched tulle is a rare case, but still can be found in the market.

Bobbinet is the method used for producing tulle. Weft and warp threads are placed under considerable tension so as they form hexagonal shape. These factors help threads maintain the twist and keep the fabric strong. In spite of its fragile appearance, tulle fabric is quite durable and wearable. It is a great means of creating multi-layered looks without making them heavy and rigid.

Tulle Fashion Trend

Tulle has been in vogue since it appeared in France in the 18-th century.

The greatest Spring-Summer fashion trend is transparency. That is where wispy translucent tulle dresses get in!

Tulle couture pieces are ethereal, elegant and luxurious. Plain tulle is used for sewing bridal veils and flower girl dresses, undergarments, tutus with 4 layers or ballerina skirts, bows and decorations, dress overlays, coats, cami tops and airy blouses, bodysuits and leggings tulle inserts and even socks! Due to its great drapability, tulle looks at its best made into voluminous skirts, hems or sleeves. Here are some fashion ideas for your trendy look this season:

  • Romantic style is always in, so tulle fabric comes in handy for a feminine silhouette.
  • For a conservative but flirty dress one should find a matching lining, lightweight and slippery, to avoid the unnecessary barely-there look.
  • Tulle lingerie is also a hot trend. Modern designers combine this breathable sheer fabric with seductive silk for breathtaking tulle delicates.

tulle fabrics

Bridal Veil Tulle Guide

Tulle is by far the most common fabric for making feminine and dreamy bridal veils. Some prefer a classic U-shaped style that goes with almost any dress. Others opt for a tulle veil with a blusher – the extra layer that covers a bride’s face when she walks down the aisle. A drop veil is a circular or oval piece that shows to advantage when sheer. A lace mantilla veil with an oval shape has a rich lace boarder. This Spanish style tulle veil goes well with a clear cut dress without sumptuous décor. One can go for a cascade oval shaped veil that is easier to match. The bridal cap veil from the 20’s or the birdcage veil from the 50’s will lend the look a vintage feel. These styles require floral, feather or jewel ornamentation, optional bird netting – and appropriate tulle ground.

There are three kinds of bridal tulle:

  1. Silk tulle. English silk tulle is sheerer than French and any other type of silk tulle you can buy online. It has little body, but is still very flowy and elegant. English tulle is irreplaceable for projects with lace and embroidery as it is starched for extra strength.
  2. French silk tulle. When it comes to veils, nothing compares to French silk tulle. Once worn by Princess Kate at her wedding, it is the most luxurious, and, yes, expensive of all tulle types. French silk tulle is delightfully soft and flowy, it is more opaque than other types but still quite sheer.
  3. ‘Bridal illusion’ tulle. Unlike the first two, this one is not made from silk. It is an economical option that suits down to the ground if a person is looking for a low budget sheer and feather light veil with opulent body.

The overall look of a tulle veil also depends on its length. For instance, Elbow Length (28’’) and Fingertip Length (40’’) are mostly made in a medium fullness. Ballet/Waltz Length (54’’) looks better with a bit of extra volume. While Floor Length (72’’), Chapel Length (90’’) And Cathedral Length (108’’) are crafted with little to no body.

The trendiest colors of any wedding tulle type are white, off-white, diamond white and ivory. Before setting your heart on one color, order a sample set. See the tulle color options with your own eyes and compare them to your wedding dress. We are always ready to consult you and recommend the tulle samples for your big day.

Tissura Collection

Tulle fabrics are a true matter of pride at Tissura. Our assortment offers the wide range from the leading manufacturers from Italy (Aldo Bianchi, Marioboselli Jersey) and France (Solstiss Sa, Sophie Hallette), while some singular options from Switzerland (Jakob Schlaepfer) and Austria (HOH) can be found there too.

At Tissura, you can buy online tulle fabrics of the following types:

  • cotton tulle
  • silk tulle
  • embroidered tulle
  • golden tulle
  • point d'esprit tulle
  • stretch tulle

Some of the most impressive fabrics from our range are placed below:

tulle fabric

Embroidered tulle fabric, 130 € (169 US$) per one running metre

tulle fabric

Embroidered fabric, 244 US$ (188 €) per one running metre

tulle fabric

Point d'Esprit tulle fabric, 89 € (116 US$) per one running metre

tulle fabric

Golden tulle fabric, 50 € (65 US$) per one running metre

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