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Fashion buttons are the shank-equipped buttons featuring the designs typical for the given fashion season. Fashion trends can be as timeless, as transient, so this group comprises as the luxurious buttons with rhinestone or bead encrustments, sophisticated mouldings and golden insets, as not that posh, yet undoubtedly stylish ones.

The most ingenious fashion ideas are born with the multiplicity of their shapes, colours and materials. Besides traditionally solid buttons, at Tissura range, you can find also soft ones made of mohair, fur and arranged in braids to deliver your outfit a particularly cosy vibe.

Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00026516
US$ 5.30
This Swarovski ball button features a multifaceted design and a metal shank. It has a greenish purple sheen (Vitrail Light).
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00026501
US$ 16.10
This golden metal button features a flower design. Five ornate petals are encrusted with Swarovski rhinestones.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00026474
US$ 8
This round metal button is encrusted with tiny rhinestones. It features a cut-out design and is equipped with a shank.
Braided Buttons #1
Braided Buttons
SKU: 00024192
US$ 9.70
This round shank button features a plastic base trimmed with deep red passementerie and topped off with a matching velvet bow. .
Braided Buttons #1
Braided Buttons
SKU: 00024190
US$ 9
This round four-hole button features a plastic base trimmed with passementerie, either deep red or grey in color. Please indicate the color when placing the order.
Twine Buttons #1
Twine Buttons
SKU: 00022139
US$ 12.60
This round shank button features a swirl design. Made of twine, it has a naturally rough feel.
Braided Buttons #1
Braided Buttons
SKU: 00022137
US$ 12.60
This round shank button has a braided design. It is decorated with a rose-shaped knot.
Braided Buttons #1
Braided Buttons
SKU: 00022136
US$ 6.30
This round shank button has a braided design. It is decorated with a rose-shaped knot.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00018356
US$ 12.40
This fancy shank button features a large rhinestone set in a metal rim. It is surrounded by eight smaller crystals.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00016782
US$ 25
This metal shank button features a bear design. The body is encrusted with round silver rhinestones.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00016780
US$ 9.60
This metal shank button features a bear design. The body is encrusted with round silver rhinestones.

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Horn Buttons #1
Horn Buttons
SKU: 00061334
US$ 12.20
This Italian sew-on button in an off-white color is made of natural horn. It is crafted in a round design and embellished with a Florentine style engraving.
Embroidered Cutwork Organza #1
Embroidered Cutwork Organza
SKU: 00059466
US$ 1,547 US$ 1,083
This luxury organza fabric is a masterpiece beyond compare. It boasts floral embroidery in a variety of teal green, brick red and golden colors, which provides a beautiful textured feel.
Cotton & Silk Boucle
Cotton & Silk Boucle
SKU: 00067934
US$ 151
This white boucle fabric is characterized by a knobby and dense texture. Based on cotton and with a fair amount of silk, it is 100% natural, soft and breathable.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00056237
US$ 486
This red guipure lace features an Eastern style pattern, filled with diamonds, flowers and swirls. Mostly made of cotton, it has a pleasantly soft feel and a natural quality to it.
Cotton Organdy #1
Cotton Organdy
SKU: 00054389
US$ 72
100% cotton organdy fabric in a dark blue color. How does it feel – sheer, smooth and soft to the touch, thin.
Cotton Shirting #1
Cotton Shirting
SKU: 00046983
US$ 44
This shirting fabric features a fancy stripe pattern in a variety of blue tones. It is made of 100% high grade cotton in a piquet weave.
Sequin & Bead Patch #1
Sequin & Bead Patch
SKU: 00069243
US$ 33
A patch shaped like Big Ben. Colors – dusty rose, silver grey, black and mother-of-pearl.
Silk Georgette #1
Silk Georgette
SKU: 00062365
US$ 126
This black silk georgette comes in a large floral print. Matt and durable, it has a slightly grainy texture and a billowing drape.
Jacquard Fabric #1
Jacquard Fabric
SKU: 00072058
US$ 143
French jacquard fabric with a gorgeous sheen. Pattern – stars.
Double Faced Tweed Boucle  #1
Double Faced Tweed Boucle
SKU: 00069327
US$ 95
This double faced tweed boucle fabric has a mottled design made with yarns and ribbons in grey, light blue, navy and white. Based on cotton, it is pleasantly soft, dense, completely opaque.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00066676
US$ 14.70
This vivid metal shank button has a four-leaf flower design. It is encrusted with exquisite Swarovski rhinestones of a rich red color (Light Siam).
Silk Organza #1
Silk Organza
SKU: 00066884
US$ 104
This floral silk organza by Ruffo Coli is a lightweight, sheer fabric made of tightly twisted silk yarn. Large red roses float all over the black background.
Satin Chiffon #1
Satin Chiffon
SKU: 00046949
US$ 111 US$ 56
This black satin chiffon features a paisley-based print in grey and beige. Our silk cloth boasts bright colorways and a silky soft hand.
Stretch Silk Satin #1
Stretch Silk Satin
SKU: 00068565
US$ 66
This lightweight silk satin fabric boasts a gorgeous pink color. A touch of elastane provides a slight stretch for a more comfortable wear.
Cotton Batiste #1
Cotton Batiste
SKU: 00054384
US$ 47
This translucent white cotton batiste is a remarkable legacy of Hausammann, the distinguished ‘timeless cotton’ manufacturers. The Swiss organic fabric organization member is thoroughly committed to quality, creativity and reliability.
Stretch Jacquard #1
Stretch Jacquard
SKU: 00061631
US$ 62
This grey fabric features an oval jacquard ornament in beige and black. Cotton-based, it has a breathable texture, a soft finish and a sweet drape.
Applique Embroidered Chantilly Lace #1
Applique Embroidered Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00042203
US$ 594 US$ 416
This Chantilly lace fabric in nude features a two-tone floral pattern, embroidered by hand with glimmering bugles. Inspired by la Belle Epoque, it is lushly decorated with leaf-shaped appliques made of lightweight mesh.
Cotton Poplin #1
Cotton Poplin
SKU: 00066810
US$ 45
This cotton poplin boasts a candy stripe in white and sky blue. Made of soft breathable cotton, this fabric is a nice companion for spring/summer walks.
Guipure Lace #1
Guipure Lace
SKU: 00053122
US$ 662
This black guipure lace features an exquisite floral pattern structured around large rosebuds. Each detail has been treated with care to offer a sweet textured feel.
Decollete Patch #1
Decollete Patch
SKU: 00069978
US$ 17.20
This black and white decollete embellishment is a true macrame style masterpiece. It is made of 100% cotton and shaped like a false lacing.
Swarovski Appliqued Guipure Lace #1
Swarovski Appliqued Guipure Lace
SKU: 00056094
US$ 1,823
This guipure lace fabric in nude features a large floral pattern, overlaid with double organza appliques. Each floral applique is embroidered with tone-on-tone threads, giving a nice texture to the surface.
Embroidered Botanical Patch #1
Embroidered Botanical Patch
SKU: 00063287
US$ 109
This botanical patch is a royal embellishment produced in India almost entirely by hand. It is composed of textile and metallic threads embroidered on top of a piece of tulle and lavishly finished with black glass beads, bugles and sequins.
Silk & Cotton Jacquard #1
Silk & Cotton Jacquard
SKU: 00059043
US$ 137
This red jacquard fabric features a raised floral design. A delicate combination of silk and cotton, it has a textured feel and a smooth finish.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00066573
US$ 140
This silk crepe fabric features a light pink color. Translucent when held to the light, it has a crisp texture and a slightly dry hand.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00070201
US$ 61
This gorgeous metal shank button has an elegant rhomb-like shape. The heart is a luxurious aqua blue (Aquamarine), surrounded by four baguette crystals of the same color and finished with large and small light blue (Crystal Powder Blue) Swarovski rhinestones.
Silk Crepe de Chine #1
Silk Crepe de Chine
SKU: 00061794
US$ 94
This black silk crepe de chine is strewn with pastel pink bouquets. Italian masters have put their heart into this all-natural silk to make it exquisitely soft and durable.
Embroidered Guipure Lace #1
Embroidered Guipure Lace
SKU: 00065668
US$ 718
This delicate guipure lace is a splendid cloth produced on high-tech equipment in Switzerland. The white cotton ground is embroidered with ivory, white and silver threads which give dimension to the spectacular floral pattern.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00055031
US$ 96 US$ 67
This silk chiffon fabric features a floral print in soft yellows, greys and dark greens on an off-white background. Made of pure silk, with an airy feel and a soft hand, this sheer fabric is comfortable to wear even in the hot summer.
Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00040496
US$ 70
This white Chantilly lace trim features a blooming floral motif. Edged with eyelash scallops, it is lightweight and sheer like a gossamer.
Enamel Buttons #1
Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00043285
US$ 3.20
This metal shank button features a silver raised pattern. It is coated with dark green enamel.
Mother of Pearl Buttons #1
Mother of Pearl Buttons
SKU: 00056360
US$ 6.70
This grey mother of pearl shank button features a round shape, with the top part styled to resemble a shell. It is also available in a larger diameter: 56364.
Stretch Silk Satin #1
Stretch Silk Satin
SKU: 00059556
US$ 100
This stretch silk satin in lilac is lined with golden crowns, keys and locks, precious jewels and heart pendants. Mostly made of natural silk fibers, this fabric allows the skin to breathe, feeling wonderful on the body.
Linen Jacquard #1
Linen Jacquard
SKU: 00068585
US$ 54
This striped linen fabric is for those who want to stay cool and neat on a hot day. Woven with golden metallic threads that appear like tiny dots throughout the beige surface, it is a perfect material for a vast range of garments you’ll be wearing all summer long.
Enamel Buttons #1
Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00043267
US$ 3.20
This metal shank button features a golden raised pattern. It is coated with dark green enamel.
Sateen  #1
SKU: 00026233
US$ 90 US$ 45
This captivating sateen fabric features a whimsical fractal ornament in grey and brown hues. Its surface is smooth to the touch and reduces light scattering to increase shine.
Rhinestone Buttons #1
Rhinestone Buttons
SKU: 00052359
US$ 3.40
This silver metal shank button has a triangle shape. It is encrusted with one large faceted crystal in ruby red and two smaller ones in matt white.
Embroidered Cotton #1
Embroidered Cotton
SKU: 00068104
US$ 122
This white cotton fabric boasts gorgeous eyelet floral embroidery. Made of pure cotton, it is fabulously soft and breathable.
Linen Rainwear Fabric #1
Linen Rainwear Fabric
SKU: 00048251
US$ 46
This linen fabric has been created in Italy to boost our spirits on rainy days. Treated to be rainproof, it is impervious to water and keeps you dry and comfortable should the weather be bad.
Double Wool Jersey Knit #1
Double Wool Jersey Knit
SKU: 00066975
US$ 149
This medium weight double wool jersey knit is made of extrafine worsted wool. One side is black, the other boasts a dark grey color.
Swarovski Buttons #1
Swarovski Buttons
SKU: 00019011
US$ 3.10
This Swarovski rhinestone button features a multifaceted round design with two holes (Crystal AB). It is also available in larger diameters: 19012, 19013.
Silk Jersey Knit #1
Silk Jersey Knit
SKU: 00050746
US$ 202
This silk jersey in a turquoise color is renowned for its excellent drape and softness. With its 2-way stretch and smooth finish, it is an ideal fabric for bodycon dresses, tops and skirts with a clingy silhouette.
Embroidered Organza #1
Embroidered Organza
SKU: 00067649
US$ 976
This premium organza fabric is a source of inspiration for any creative woman. The lilac pink background is decorated all over with satin stitch embroidery featuring bouquets of flowers.
Stretch Silk Satin #1
Stretch Silk Satin
SKU: 00061784
US$ 100 US$ 70
This stretch silk satin is brought to you from Italy, the land of quality and design. Made of pure silk, it is smooth and lustrous, with a touch of elastane added for a comfy stretch.
Swarovski Pleated Lace Trim #1
Swarovski Pleated Lace Trim
SKU: 00047736
US$ 321
This black lace trim consists of several pleated layers featuring point d’esprit and floral patterns. The top edge is decorated with a dense border, laid in pleats and strewn with black Swarovski crystals.
Double Faced Wool #1
Double Faced Wool
SKU: 00066942
US$ 123
This Italian wool fabric is a double faced cloth, with one side in dark navy and the other in bright blue. It has a natural stretch and is slightly rough to the touch.
Metal Buttons #1
Metal Buttons
SKU: 00056440
US$ 6.20
This round button features an engraved lion rampant on a navy background. It is made of golden metal and is equipped with a shank.
Velvet Devore #1
Velvet Devore
SKU: 00068089
US$ 144
This brown velvet fabric boasts a mesmerizing botanical design. The pattern in an olive color is achieved by burning out viscose fibers.
Plastic Buttons #1
Plastic Buttons
SKU: 00045568
US$ 4.50
This ball shank button in brown boasts a carved king’s crown design. It is made of galalith, produced from natural casein.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00054845
US$ 118
This silk chiffon in turquoise is a plain woven fabric made with tightly twisted crepe yarns. Less sheer than most chiffons, it has a soft hand and a crepe-like texture.
Velvet #1
Velvet Fabric
SKU: 00067808
US$ 174
This French velvet fabric features a slate blue color. A delicate mix of viscose and silk, it has a soft dense pile and a distinctive shimmer.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00021223
US$ 135
This silk crepe features a dark grey color. Noted for a delicate sheen and a nice crisp texture, it has an excellent drape and easily holds its shape.