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Exclusive Beaded Corded Lace

1,312 US$per one running metre
SKU: 00067121


Composition: 76% Cotton24% Polyamide
Weight:401 g/m²
Width:88 cm
Manufacturer:Solstiss Sa
Suitable For:Finishing & Separate Garments


This embroidered corded lace in jet black is embellished with fanciful appliques. The lifelike voluminous flowers with blue petals have pastel-colored pearl hearts. The two scalloped edges with a lush floral ornament are embellished with same pearly beads. This attention-grabbing fabric looks like a fairytale meadow. All the magnificent beads were meticulously hand-sewn onto the sheer black ground. Our chic corded lace is perfect for special occasion accessories, unparalleled dress overlays and charming garment details.

This gorgeous masterpiece is created by Solstiss Sa, a world’s famous French lace manufacturer. Heavy, with a sumptuous drape, it is a hymn to human devotion to exceptional beauty and perfection. This exquisitely embroidered lace fabric is ideal both for short and long dresses, either form-fitting or flared. It also looks wonderful applied to sleeves and bodice, and turns heads when layered over solid silks.


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