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Tulle fabric guide

Nowadays we all know this airy fabric. We see it at the wedding, fashion events and day-to-day life. But the history of it begins long before modern ballerina tutus or bridal veil. This lightweight miracle was firstly created in France in the 17th century. And has its name after the French city named Tulle.

Types of tulle fabrics


Tulle fabrics differentiate depending on what fibers they made of — silk, nylon (polyamide), polyester, acetate or rayon. Tulle can be dense or soft, voluminous or flowing. Here are the main types:

  • Silk tulle — brides favorite, delicate and incredibly soft. It is expensive but worth the price.
  • Illusion tulle — more lightweight than the silk one, as it has a very fine texture. Perfect for the veils. Usually made of a mix of nylon and polyester.
  • Nylon (also known as polyamide) tulle — affordable and beautiful. Great for the prom dresses, dancewear, underskirts, overlays, and decor.
  • Polyester tulle — slightly stiffer than the other ones, good for decoration and crafting purposes.
  • Netting fabric — it has a lot bigger size of the mesh (holes). It is majorly made from nylon.
Mesh Fabric #1
Mesh Fabric
SKU: 00072532
US$ 16.10
Mesh fabric in beige color from the French manufacturer. • How does it feel – translucent, has a slight stretch.
Sequined Tulle #1
Sequined Tulle
SKU: 00072545
US$ 100
Decorated tulle fabric from the French manufacturer. Decor – all-over embroidery with small round sequins.
Tulle Fabric #1
Tulle Fabric
SKU: 00072542
US$ 27
Tulle fabric in black color with polka dot pattern from the French manufacturer. • How does it feel – lightweight, translucent.


Designs of tulle fabric:

Designs of tulle fabric:
• Solid colored
• Embroidered
• With a metallic sheen
• With the point d'esprit pattern
• Decorated with sequins, fringe or rhinestones

What to sew from tulle fabric?
• Bridal veils and gowns
• Tutus
• Lingerie
• Occasionwear
• Couture garments
• Skirts and much more.


Special offers

Floral Applique Tulle #1
Floral Applique Tulle
SKU: 00059990
US$ 705 US$ 493
This fancy tulle is luxury in its full splendor. The sheer nylon ground is embroidered by hand with myriads of plastic flowers, ranging in color from beige to nude and pearl.
Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00061460
US$ 516 US$ 361
This exquisite tulle in powder blue and is embellished with floral embroidery. It is a masterpiece crafted by Italian manufacturer Aldo Bianchi.
Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00054220
US$ 1,057 US$ 740
This patterned tulle is embroidered all over with sky blue beads and sequins and sparkling rhinestones. The pattern starts with a V-shape, followed by geometric figures which change their size from top to bottom.


How to care for the tulle fabric?

Taking care of such delicate fabric requires extremely gentle treatment and proper storage. Tulle fabrics are strictly hand wash or dry clean. A washing machine will damage its fine fibers and it will look different. Do not put tulle fabric in the dryer, instead lay it flat on a drying rack to dry. To remove wrinkles use the steamer on the low heat settings.