Luxury Embroidered Fabrics

Luxury embroidered fabrics are the type of high fashion cloth featuring elegant appliques on a tulle. Often embellished with glittering beads, bugles and sequins, they are regularly favoured by the world's most iconic fashion houses. Not surprisingly, their creation is a very complex technological process.

These fabrics are the first choice for evening outfits, such as dresses, skirts, blouses or jackets. Plus, they can also be used for finishing, turning even a mediocre dress into the true statement of luxury.

Embroidered tulle fabric collection at Tissura

Exclusive Tulle Fabrics

The most common type of embroidered fabrics is tulle. Translucent and airy, it has a net structure that makes it easy to apply the décor onto. A tulle fabric is often embellished with beads, bugles, Swarovski crystals and sequins. Some of the most luxury embroidered tulles are created by such renowned fabric manufacturers from Europe as Aldo Bianchi, Jakob Schlaepfer, Forster Rohner, HOH and Sophie Hallette. Embroidery is a traditional part of festive Asian clothing, so no wonder Fair Lady — the luxury tulle manufacturer from India — has much succeeded in that. This company uses beads, glass bugles, crystals and rhinestones to decorate their fabrics. It takes many hours of handwork and a lot of patience for a dozen specialists to embroider one single metre of tulle. However, it all pays off: the evening gowns created out of luxury embroidered fabrics turn any woman into a magnificent goddess — and not necessarily from the Indian pantheon!

Embroidered tulle fabric

Embroidered Chiffon, Sheer and Sparkling

Semi-transparent and soft, silk chiffon is another classy fabric often adorned with sequins, feathers, faux fur and other luxury décor. Why do fashion designers love chiffon? Sheer, it always looks chic and is perfect for underlay — from contrast tunic to lingerie. Plus, silk chiffon fabric has a softer finish and feels tender against your skin. However, not all embroidered chiffon fabrics are silky. Sometimes chiffon manufacturers try to achieve various visual effects. One of the world’s most famous brands producing this fabric is Jakob Schlaepfer — the Swiss company, whose designs have been iconic in the fashion world for over 50 years. Their 2019 collection comprises faux fur chiffon, Swarovski feathered chiffon, sequined chiffon, ruffled chiffon, holographic fringed chiffon and sequined layered chiffon. Sounds intriguing? Just imagine what you can create out of each one!

Table 1. The application of various silk chiffon fabric types
The type of chiffon Application
faux fur chiffon

coats, jackets, sweatshirts, vests

Swarovski feathered chiffon

blouses, dresses, skirts

sequined chiffon

eye-catching dresses, skirts

ruffled chiffon

flirty cocktail dresses, skirts

holographic fringed chiffon flapper and cocktail dresses, full and midi skirts, dazzling tops
sequined layered chiffon dresses, blouses, skirts

Exquisite Organza Fabrics

The selection of exclusive fabrics with embroidery features a number of outstanding designs, such as satin stitch flowers, leather appliques, dégradé effect, ribbons, ruffles, laser cuts, faux pearls, etc. These fabrics are the true chef- d’oeuvres of haute couture created by the following prominent Swiss, Austrian and Italian brands:

  • Jakob Schlaepfer,
  • Forster Rohner,
  • HOH, and
  • Aldo Bianchi.

Embroidered Jacquard Trends in 2019

With its lustre and raised pattern, jacquard is the first choice for many of us. It is suitable for various clothing, from evening dresses, full skirts and form-fitting jackets to eye-catching trouser suits, stylish duster coats and much more. These fabrics are timelessly popular, and so they will be in 2019, particularly embroidered jacquard, jacquard cloque, and the combination of jacquard and lace.

Feminine Charm of Lace

Hardly any other fabric could be called more feminine than lace. Its delicate floral patterns are full of magnificent charm, and you can create all sorts of dresses: evening, cocktail, bridal dresses, etc. Lace is also a perfect cloth for finishing your silky/cotton gown. Now, what if this classy fabric would be embroidered with glittering metallic threads or laser cut flowers? Such designer solutions can be found at Jakob Schlaepfer and Aldo Bianchi. Lace fabrics of this level are intended for sumptuous outfits to be worn on special occasions.

Embroidered lace

Tweed Boucle Fabrics, the Timeless Luxury

It’s not a big secret that tweed boucle originates from the cheapest men’s fabric that had a zero level of luxuriousness at the beginning of the 20 th century. Due to the ingenious artistic talent of Coco Chanel, in the 1920s a man’s tweed suit was transformed into a legendary tweed boucle one, and it became the icon of women’s independence from the rigid cultural and moral restrictions in fashion. Needless to say, her masculine-looking suits were criticized and did not receive much recognition during that time. In fact, madame Chanel just put the whole thing up to the mid-fifties, when all the craze began...

Since 1954, tweed boucle has been renowned as the timeless fabric perfectly appropriate for a business meeting, catching up with friends or a romantic date.

Luxury fashion trends offer a range of exquisite boucle versions — embroidered with sequins, floral appliques, silver strip trims and many others. These fabrics are mostly made for dresses, jackets, skirts and sweatshirts. You can also use them for exclusive finishing of your outfits made of wool or cotton.

Tissura Collection

The collection of luxury embroidered fabrics at Tissura store is represented with the textiles by the world-renowned European brands, famous for their cooperation with the leading fashion houses. That given, at our range, you can find such alluring fabrics as:

  • applique embroidered tulle,
  • beaded/sequined/ombre embroidered organza and organdy,
  • flounced metallic and floral applique organza,
  • ruffled/faux fur chiffon,
  • embroidered silk crepe back satin,
  • and much, much more.

The list of brands we partner with speaks volumes in terms of their approach to design and quality: Jakob Schlaepfer, Forster Rohner, Aldo Bianchi, HOH, Sophie Hallette, Riechers Marescot, and Fair Lady. Some of their most impressive textiles are represented below:

Embroidered tulle fabric

Embroidered tulle fabric, 537 € (658 US$) per one running metre;

Embroidered organza

Embroidered organza fabric, 625 € (766 US$) per one running metre;

Floral applique tulle fabric

Floral applique tulle fabric, 535 € (655 US$) per one running metre

Embroidered tulle fabric

Embroidered tulle fabric, 672 € (823 US$) per one running metre

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