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Trimmings are the type of finishing, such as trims, buckles, clasps, patches and ribbons. These decorative elements are traditionally applied to bring a touch of luxury to the outfit and are known to be a timeless trend.

Lace trims are the elegant embellishing of your décolleté and shoulders. No less luxury addition is an embroidered patch, glittering with sequins, beads or bugles. Exquisite clasps are another timelessly popular trimming that turns even an ordinarily styled dress into a true fashion masterpiece.

Sequin & Bead Patch #1
Sequin & Bead Patch
SKU: 00069244
US$ 33
A patch shaped like the Eiffel Tower. Colors – dusty rose, khaki, grey and golden.
Iron-on Patch #1
Iron-on Patch
SKU: 00069251
US$ 12.20
The iron-on patch shaped like a flower decorated with metal & enamel elements. Colors – green, black, red and white.
Iron-on Patch #1
Iron-on Patch
SKU: 00069253
US$ 10.40
The iron-on patch shaped like a seahorse. Colors – red, pink, brown, black, silver.
Iron-on Patch #1
Iron-on Patch
SKU: 00069254
US$ 11.80
The iron-on patch shaped like a lobster. Colors – red, burgundy, pink, golden, black, beige.
Macrame Trim #1
Macrame Trim
SKU: 00069294
US$ 37
The macrame trim in a golden color. Design – it features fringe of different length.
Macrame Trim #1
Macrame Trim
SKU: 00069295
US$ 37
The macrame trim in a silver color. Design – it features fringe of different length.
Macrame Trim #1
Macrame Trim
SKU: 00069296
US$ 37
The macrame trim in a golden color. Design – it features fringe of different length.
Macrame Trim #1
Macrame Trim
SKU: 00069297
US$ 37
The macrame trim in a black color. Design – it features fringe of different length.
Rhinestone Pendant #1
Rhinestone Pendant
SKU: 00026444
US$ 49
This golden metal pendant features a flower design. Five ornate petals are encrusted with Swarovski rhinestones.
Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00067142
US$ 25
This peach Chantilly lace trim features an ornate scalloped edge. Incredibly thin and sheer, with an elegant floral motif, it is an ideal choice for finishing your apparel.
Rhinestone Trim #1
Rhinestone Trim
SKU: 00053949
US$ 321
This silver trim with a golden print boasts an array of flower shaped rhinestones. Made of silver and aluminum, they sparkle like stars, sitting amongst transparent beads.
Chain Trim #1
Chain Trim
SKU: 00050857
US$ 224
This exquisite trim consists of three golden chains, attached to the sheer tulle ground. They are divided by two rows of rectangular crystals interspersed with decorative spikes for a more daring look.
Embroidered Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Embroidered Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00036623
US$ 300
This ecru lace trim features a floral motif, lushly embroidered with two-tone beads, glass bugles and sequins. The lower edge imitates the ribbon band style typical of Chantilly lace.

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Cashmere #1
Cashmere Fabric
SKU: 00059678
US$ 425
This 100% pure cashmere fabric has an ultra soft feel and ability to keep warmth, so important for coats. Dyed in a dark blue color, it has a slightly textured look and a delicate sheen.
Corded Lace Trim #1
Corded Lace Trim
SKU: 00063913
US$ 23
This black corded lace trim features a sophisticated floral motif. The ornament is outlined with matching soutache cord.
Wool Coating #1
Wool Coating
SKU: 00069337
US$ 106
This pure wool coating fabric in olive green is the ultimate catch. Produced in Italy, it is perfect for a wide range of chiс garments, from overcoats and jackets to dress coats.
Coated Wool & Cashmere #1
Coated Wool & Cashmere
SKU: 00059271
US$ 117
This Italian wool fabric in dark blue is a true know-how. The creative minds at Loro Piana have developed a special technology that ensures protection against rain, dust and dirt.
Silk Chiffon #1
Silk Chiffon
SKU: 00054861
US$ 118
This silk chiffon in carmine red is a plain woven fabric made with tightly twisted crepe yarns. Less sheer than most chiffons, it has a soft hand and a crepe-like texture.
Double Faced Shot Silk Taffeta  #1
Double Faced Shot Silk Taffeta
SKU: 00053311
US$ 143
This opaque silk taffeta is woven of different colored yarns that produce a mesmerizing shot effect. One side is royal blue, while the other is silver pearl.
Floral Appliqued Tulle #1
Floral Appliqued Tulle
SKU: 00068504
US$ 605
This extraordinary tulle fabric is a bridal dream come true. The sheer white background is covered with floral organza appliques outlined with matching threads.
Embroidered Tulle #1
Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00068264
US$ 698
This luxury fabric has been created by the Swiss experts who know everything about embroidery. What you have here is a perfect specimen of fine gauge beige tulle decorated with guipure elements in a contrasting dusty pink color.
Worsted Wool #1
Worsted Wool
SKU: 00068086
US$ 127
This dark blue suiting fabric is woven using Super 130’s merino worsted wool. What sets it apart from other wool fabrics is its natural elasticity that allows for up to 20% stretch in the weft.
Embroidered Cashmere Tweed #1
Embroidered Cashmere Tweed
SKU: 00022943
US$ 721 US$ 505
This mottled grey tweed is made of 100% cashmere yarn. Sumptuously soft, it is as durable and earthy as authentic tweeds get to be, with its understated design livened up by the original embroidery running along the bottom.
Mohair Coating #1
Mohair Coating
SKU: 00056098
US$ 157
This dark blue coating fabric is a blend of luxurious mohair and premium fibers. It demonstrates high absorbency and perfect wearability.
Cashmere #1
Cashmere Fabric
SKU: 00064111
US$ 425
This 100% cashmere fabric is a spectacular cloth by Dormeuil, the centuries-old manufacturer of luxury fabrics based in France. Due to the delicate texture and unique properties of the cashmere fiber, it is proudly referred to as ‘Soft Gold’ and ‘Diamond Fiber’.
Cotton Lawn #1
Cotton Lawn
SKU: 00059002
US$ 39
This lightweight cotton fabric features a chess move print inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Liberty London reinvents its 1965 archive design playing with an array of orange, grey and black shades against the vast space of white.
Cotton Рoplin #1
Cotton Рoplin
SKU: 00071541
US$ 63
100% cotton fabric in aqua blue color. Pattern – solid.
Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00070231
US$ 17
This tender lilac Chantilly lace trim features an ornamental design with scalloped edges. It has a delicate texture and is soft to the touch.
Glass Buttons #1
Glass Buttons
SKU: 00058361
US$ 4.70
This stunning glass button has a peculiar faceted shape with a pointed centre. Designed in a light green color (Peridot), it will add a sophisticated touch to any garment.
Double Faced Wool Boucle #1
Double Faced Wool Boucle
SKU: 00067902
US$ 140
This reversible wool boucle fabric features a rich scarlet color. Covered with tiny loops and curls, it boasts a fabulous soft hand and a flexible drape.
Feather Trim #1
Feather Trim
SKU: 00066223
US$ 217
This delicate trim consists of soft grey feathers attached to a piece of sheer tulle. They sit between rows of tulle circle appliques, each one topped off with a crystal bead.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00053945
US$ 296
This Chantilly lace fabric features a bow-tied floral bouquet pattern. It is designed with eyelash scallops along both edges, in a uniform dark navy color.
Glass Buttons #1
Glass Buttons
SKU: 00056953
US$ 10.30
This oval shank button consists of a glass crystal (Turquoise Green) in a golden metal setting. Smooth, flat and shiny, it is ideal for elegant pieces.
Chain Trim #1
Chain Trim
SKU: 00067586
US$ 32
This ultra-modern trim features a triple chain design. Golden, dark grey and silver chains are attached to the woven strip in black, parallel to each other.
Guipure Lace Trim #1
Guipure Lace Trim
SKU: 00044942
US$ 48
This guipure lace trim in carmine pink features a botanical motif of leaves, flowers and clusters of barberries. The upper edge is finished with tiny tabs, also known as picot.
Cotton & Linen #1
Cotton & Linen
SKU: 00071187
US$ 46
The cotton and linen blend fabric. Colors – white and light blue.
Cotton Jersey Knit #1
Cotton Jersey Knit
SKU: 00054405
US$ 64
Jersey knit fabric made from 100% cotton. Color – cherry red.
Enamel Buttons #1
Enamel Buttons
SKU: 00056941
US$ 4.80
This enamel shank button features a pale lilac color. With its round shape and rib-like design, it is perfect for adding grace to your dress, jacket or trousers.
Silk Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Silk Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00060621
US$ 12.60
This Chantilly lace trim in ice blue features a tender floral pattern. Sheer and airy, it is woven from pure silk threads and has a smooth feel.
Silk Taffeta #1
Silk Taffeta
SKU: 00015370
US$ 122
This silk taffeta fabric features a graphite grey color. Renowned for its crisp texture, delicate sheen and signature rustle, it is a popular choice for evening wear, be it dresses, gowns or skirts.
Cotton Jacquard #1
Cotton Jacquard
SKU: 00068981
US$ 62
This suiting jacquard fabric is a must-have for marine lovers. It showcases a sea-inspired pattern in tranquil white: sea stars and shells share the space with exotic fishes.
Silk Scarf #1
Silk Scarf
SKU: 00056478
US$ 160
This silk scarf is embellished with blooming peonies in shell pink, rose and green. The plain weave provides durability and wrinkle resistance.
Embroidered Rhinestone Tulle #1
Embroidered Rhinestone Tulle
SKU: 00065347
US$ 756
This refined treasure is brought to you by Italian maestros of decoration. The sheer blue tulle fabric is embroidered with light blue and silver threads in a riveting floral pattern.
Jacquard Lining #1
Jacquard Lining
SKU: 00043000
US$ 32
This black lining fabric features a series of jacquard logos woven all over it. Made of 100% viscose, it is soft and pliable, perfect for lining jackets to ensure they are comfortable in wear.
Silk Satin  #1
Silk Satin
SKU: 00068010
US$ 66
This Italian silk satin fabric boasts a graceful pink color. Thin and lightweight, it gives a nice drape.
Silk Jacquard #1
Silk Jacquard
SKU: 00067474
US$ 64
This silk jacquard fabric made in Italy features an all-over polka dot pattern. Made of pure silk, it is silky soft, lustrous and completely opaque.
Cashmere & Silk #1
Cashmere & Silk
SKU: 00046824
US$ 432
This suiting fabric in heather aubergine is a luxurious blend of lightweight cashmere and smooth silk. The Italian masters constructed this fabric using superfine cashmere fibers only.
Sequin & Bead Embroidered Tulle #1
Sequin & Bead Embroidered Tulle
SKU: 00063277
US$ 1,126
This enchanting tulle fabric is embroidered all over with smooth threads in an eye-pleasing floral pattern. Satiny flowers in an array of mint green, lilac and cream colors get to bloom all over the sheer mint tulle, growing in a larger number towards the lower edge.
Sequin & Bead Patch #1
Sequin & Bead Patch
SKU: 00067601
US$ 39
This fashion patch features an image of two paradise birds amongst white flowers. It is made with multicolored sequins, rhinestones and glass beads, attached one by one to the semi-sheer silk organza in nude beige.
Cotton Sateen #1
Cotton Sateen
SKU: 00070956
US$ 104
100% сotton fabric. Colors – blue and white on an off-white background.
Beaded Lace Trim #1
Beaded Lace Trim
SKU: 00062146
US$ 116
This dark blue Chantilly lace trim features a blooming floral pattern and is edged with eyelash scallops. Each element is embroidered by hand with matching glass bugles.
Sequin & Bead Patch #1
Sequin & Bead Patch
SKU: 00068168
US$ 70
This fashion patch features an image of a frog. It is made with black, green, yellow and white glass beads and sequins.
Chantilly Lace #1
Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00069380
US$ 138
This Chantilly lace fabric in nut brown features a tender floral pattern outlined with golden metallic thread. With an eyelash scalloped edge, it is a great choice for evening wear projects, be it a floor-sweeping gown or a cocktail dress.
Stretch Silk Satin #1
Stretch Silk Satin
SKU: 00015474
US$ 116
This silk fabric in cranberry red has a satin finish and a smooth feel. A touch of elastane provides a slight stretch for a more comfortable wear.
Chantilly Lace Trim #1
Chantilly Lace Trim
SKU: 00067146
US$ 25
This red Chantilly lace trim features an ornate scalloped edge. Incredibly thin and sheer, with an elegant floral motif, it is an ideal choice for finishing your apparel.
Silk Chantilly Lace #1
Silk Chantilly Lace
SKU: 00045071
US$ 146
This brown silk Chantilly lace boasts a complex combination of flowers, leaves and swirls. Different weave patterns enhance the sense of airiness.
Velvet #1
Velvet Fabric
SKU: 00035695
US$ 68
This deep purple velvet fabric boasts a short dense pile. It’s a chic blend of durable viscose and soft silk.
Swarovski Pleated Lace Trim #1
Swarovski Pleated Lace Trim
SKU: 00047736
US$ 320
This black lace trim consists of several pleated layers featuring point d’esprit and floral patterns. The top edge is decorated with a dense border, laid in pleats and strewn with black Swarovski crystals.
Chinchilla & Cashmere #1
Chinchilla & Cashmere
SKU: 00033806
US$ 880
This black fabric is a luxurious blend of rare and expensive yarns — chinchilla and cashmere. It boasts a subtle tone-on-tone stripe pattern.
Cotton Lawn #1
Cotton Lawn
SKU: 00067358
US$ 39
This luxurious cotton lawn fabric is designed by the well-known British manufacturer Liberty London. The fabric features a vibrant floral print on the navy background.
Silk Crepe #1
Silk Crepe
SKU: 00054637
US$ 175
This heavyweight silk crepe features a raspberry color. With its crisp texture and matt sheen, it is most suitable for elegant dresses requiring a perfect drape.